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Last weekend I undertook my first wedding shoot. It wasn’t a big old white wedding with 45 bridesmaids and 400 guests. Instead it was rather a informal – formal affair in central London. In a stunning church in Marylebone, followed by transport in the form of the old route master bus with a reception afterwards.

I had been asked to work 8 hours. I was asked a few months ago and worked out I’d be 26 weeks pregnant and decided that 8 hours on my feet would be far to much. I desperately wanted this. I’ve been trying to get into wedding photography for a year or more.

Being a photographer already, really (obviously) put off wedding photographers when I asked to be a 2nd shooter, even when they were asking!

I proposed an offer and totally sold myself and sat in utter anxiety for a few days. And got an email back. I sat and looked at the subject line for ages, not wanting to open it, not wanting to read, ‘thanks but no thanks’ I just hate rejection. I clicked it and the first line I read was

“we love your proposal and we want you to photograph our ceremony” I was over the moon I wanted to scream except it was 5am and everyone was asleep. I went and looked at hubby but he really was very asleep.

I arrived at the church an hour early, I have a thing with being early, yes even with two kids I am always early. I scoped out the church looking at all the lighting and sat down and took it all in. I felt calm and suddenly I felt incredibly tired. I was so, so tired. I didn’t have lunch. OOPS I had some water and went around photographing the church. Got the low down from the priest, who was pretty scary and told me. If I messed up he wouldn’t hesitate to stop the service and let me know.

That REALLLLLLLY helped I wasn’t anxious but now I was.

It all went incredibly smoothly and despite my lack of knowledge of wedding photography I’ve walked away with more work and a real boost to my confidence.

So if you live in Kent, London and you are getting married or know someone getting married get in touch. Rates are good right now!

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