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I miss you

Seems like a strange title for this weeks gallery post for Tara Cains Gallery but it’s how I feel. This week is all about Nature.

Australia I miss you.

I Really do miss you and how diverse you are. I have traveled your lands,and smelled you as the rain has hit uluru. I have stood in rainforests and been amazed by the ferns and the incredibly tall trees, I have taken boat rides through the Daintree I have swum with Green turtles at Whitehaven Beach I have snorklled the great Barrier reef and almost inhaled my body weight in water at the amazing fish you have provided.

I have climb Extinct Volcanos to see the sunrise and I have climbed the highest mountain you have to offer. I have driven across the entire bottom part, the middle & east coast of your land entering the most barren parts of the country. I have  camped in 42C heat & wished I hadn’t!

I’ve been less than 10ft away from a 16ft wild crocodile & been scared witless. I’ve been bitten by a white tailed & red back spider. Yet despite my phobia relished in the moment that is what we call Nature.


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