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The kind people at Boppy sent me the nursing pillow to try out. Now lets get this straight. I am 30+ weeks pregnant and my baby is 2.2 years old, so not the best time to trial, but we cracked on and gave it a whirl. But we did and it ended up being used in a totally different way and it pleasantly surprised it in ways I wasn’t expecting and I am looking forward to being a bit slimmer and trying it out with a newborn! Boppy has been the number 1 best selling nursing pillow in the US for 7 straight years, that’ s a pretty good track record!  You can also customise them with various slips to your own tastes with colours and patterns to your own desires. Currently there is around 1 million boppy’s in homes probably being used for various reasons.

As I said it wasn’t the best time to trial it for nursing but I can see how great it is gong to be in September when the new baby turns up. I will say it’s narrow and if you are slightly bigger than average woman  what ever that is, I’m normally a 12 on top and 12-14 lower down then you might find it a bit more than snug, not sure how this will work as a new mother with excess weight and a new baby to cope with you could find yourself not using it until you are slim enough by which point you unlike me! Will of stopped nursing.

However Jeremiah very quickly adopted the boppy for reading, he picks it up puts it around his middle and sits down and leans back and happily sits there, this is one of the extra reasons for the boppy it can aide with learning to sit up and strengthen those little backs and stops the baby toppling sideways. What I found quite interesting was Jerry just did this with no coxing he naturally wanted that secure feeling and feels very relaxed and comfy sitting there. If you’re  bored today or in fact would just like some time out of your own, then head over to Mom’s revenge and play the interactive game. //


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