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I haven’t done a shoot professionally since before Christmas. SO much so that I had forgotten where in the house I had put my mobile studio equipment.

But I found it and then I discovered the Battery was flat on my Olympus E3, so then I thought about using the Lecia M9 but thought I am to tired and I want a photo of the kids NOW, not in 30 minutes RIGHT NOW

So I used my Canon s90 which by the way is a fab point and shoot.

And here we have two slightly edited pictures, only the tones have been changed actually. Nothing else I didn’t even sharpen them.

I was mainly trying to get shots of Eliza to give to Family in preparation for her 4th Birthday. She was very willing, but wouldn’t stop making faces so I said we’d leave it, but I did get the above and I LOVE it.

Of course Master Jeremiah wanted in on the action. He has terrible excema around his mouth right now, which amazingly (perhaps due to the lighting) is almost unnoticeable here.

So considering I didn’t even use a “professional camera” and the fact this was the only shot I took of Jerry I am pretty pleased.

Now I have to pack away the studio stuff before the children pull it over and maim themselves of course blogging about my pictures was much more important than the potential danger my children could inflict upon themselves.


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My husband has never been to Greenwich park so we decided with his week off work we’d go, it was quite bracing out. But the sun was shining the birds were tweeting and I had a HUGE urge to do some photography.

No one will notice me with this

Lucky for me/us we both love photography. So we both look like a couple of tourists where ever we go, although I tend to look a little more paparazzi with the huge lens.

Still I have to look a bit dicky to get what I want

She looks like she’s doing a hair advert here, Eliza is very over me taking her photograph, most pictures I get of her are sneaky, or of her back.

Eliza is one of the most lazy children you’ll ever meet, she would still be in a stroller if we let her, she likes to rest as much as possible and complains after walking 100 yards.


Jerry would walk around the world twice if he could.

No matter where she is, he's right behind her

And I hope they are always there for each other…

Love you

We’re big on hugging in this family & photography.

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Things I love…

Things I love. There are lots of things I “LOVE”

I liked how it’s snowing on the 6th of January. I normally take my tree down today, but we took it down yesterday due to extra pressure from Eliza, I have misplaced the box for the baubles so what better idea than to take them out into the snow and photograph them.

I love how I take pictures thinking “this is cool” and then when I get them home and see them on the big screen and think. Where was my mind, this is crap.

I love taking Eliza to places that I went to as a child and telling her stories, I fell in this very  fountain in 1983 I was 6 and I had a broken arm. I fell in and soaked the cast. It swelled and caused much itching. Instead of taking me to a hospital. My mother took me to Soho and bought me some watermelon. There is a photograph of me NAKED in Soho with a huge piece of watermelon and a massive smile. 2 days later and back in Devon she thought she better go get that cast checked eh.

I love him, He saved me from a very dark place in my life. My soul mate. I love how we both have a passion for photography, I love how we share so much in common and always have. I love how he always puts on 50,000 layers of clothes in winter and I don’t and I laugh at him and then he laughs at me for under-dressing.

Lifes good

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Today is New Years Day, which means my husband was off work. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know he loves to get out as I do…. Once I have been convinced to leave my house.

Today obviously a lot of things were closed. But NOT the beach! Seriously I could not think of a better place to go on the 1/1/2010 in Winter with snow on the ground. I was interested to see if the Ocean had frozen over, it hadn’t so I couldn’t walk to Ostend today.

On the way there the kids were a fucking nightmare I asked husband to turn around 3457 times as I was getting so stressed out, so he pulled over and I did something I NEVER do and I bought chocolate for the kids and Jelly Tots I am going to hell, I never give my kids this stuff. But it worked their jaws got stuck together with the Jelly tots and I got 30 mins peace and quiet and we were nearly at our Destination which was Broadstairs .

It was allegdly 3C but the stupid, stupid people at the weather centre have obviously not left their office to check their weather stations as it was actually -18C and with the wind chill -67C and gloriously sunny.

Jerry refused to wear gloves. I didn’t check but I hope he still has all his fingers as mine were snapping off after an hour of playing and taking photo’s which I did a lot of.

We then went to this chavtastic pavillion place and were acutally shocked they served very decent food, really good. I haven’t thrown up once. Always a risk in a a chavtastic eatery.

That’s a paddling pool. Just before we got this close a person got out they had been swimming in there, obviously they had escaped from the local lunatic asylum.

Normally when we take a day trip, we leave early and head home early, but today we were all a bit tired and I was in a hellish mood so we didn’t actually leave until 12.47 and got there at 2.20ish. What was nice was the sun setting and dipping down it gave a nice pink sky for us.

The drive home was nice Jerry slept and snored and Eliza played with her ponies and complained about how un-comfy she was until I said, shall I take the ponies and do you want a chocolate finger?

Go on get out, you might enjoy it and freeze to death but it will be fun!

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Monday of bluddy monday

I’ve had an exhausting day. Monday is my housework day. The day I try to do as much as possible and keeps my wits about me.

Mondays I change bed linen, I put out clean PJ’s for us all. I clean all the bathrooms (3) I then put laundry on. Then I get the kids their breakfast. Then I assign them to the playroom to er play. While they bicker I clean the kitchen as in really clean it. Then I have a break and hang out with the kids and a cup of tea. Then I hoover their playroom with them in it, always fun. Then onto the Lounge then the hallyway, then it’s time to take the laundry out…You getting the idea of the exciting day I have had? Throw in two kids who really don’t like me doing any of this as I prefer no hindrance sorry Junior help, I practically ignore them poor poppets.

So now it’s all done, the kids have had their dinner and I am waiting 20 minutes for their tummies to settle and then into the bath. They get to watch a TV show after their dinner. so they are doing that, while I do this.

I’m thinking of having some sub sections on my Blog. Perhaps to start with Photography if anyone is interested, maybe you could set a challenge, or maybe I could set a challenge and we could all take part and blog on a Monday evening we could call it “Monday Mummies picture posts” gosh aren’t I imaginative. Feel free to call me for other great ideas.

OK I smell a nappy, guess my chillaxing time is over…

let me know your thoughts, please I’m sick of talking to myself 😀

isn’t this sweet! My hubby took it 🙂

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There are a few times in my life where I say WOW you really have to impress me or I have to see things I have never seen before.

We have a new addition to our family her name is Leica M9 and she is adorable. Lucky for her she had some friends upon her arrival some rather loveable lenses we’ve loved for years. But yesterday a new baby arrived oh yes the 85mm a nice little er actually it’s quite big and heavy like my babies always are.

Today I went on a diasterous woodland walk it sucked for reasons I shall save for another time,but lets say “wet pants” and “go home” were mentioned

But despite this I wasn’t going to let this stop me from getting some snaps

This was before he sat in a HAYUGE deep pile of leaf rot mud and asked to “go home”

Please darling I know you have wet pants, but can we get a shot for erm Grandma?

I think it’s ❤

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