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I had heard about Knole Park somewhere along the way, so I decided to take the kids there one day. Our most free day is a Thursday so I took the opportunity of a break in the weather to zip out there. Zip being the right word it’s only 30 mins away at 80 miles an hour…..brum brum It’s actually just in the town of Sevenoaks which is so nice, we should of moved there way nicer than where we are!

SO as you arrive in the park you are greeted by lots of rolling hills and Deer OH so many Deer, it was fabulous I put the kids windows down and they could see them on both sides much excitement and squealing from the back!

It was F F F Freeeeezing when we went so we just plopped around the grounds a little bit and then went and had a cup of tea in the Cafe, what’s great about that is they have a little table with toys, a basket of childrens books and you can buy them a pack lunch for £2.95 excellento. I was on my own so I sat the kids down and ordered it was nice and quiet and safe I managed to get a day out and relax in a cafe alone while the kids ate lunch and played VERY NICE!


This is a crap picture but if you look carefully there is a lot of deer OK!

Upon our visit I expressed my perhaps over the top excitement to my husband and we went back on the weekend. This time we had the bright idea of going when it was the boys nap time and Eliza’s quiet time I really didn’t want to go, but I did because I knew if we didn’t go out the day would be wasted ( I had been at the dentist in the morning) huge mistake the kids complained, cried, asked to be carried, climbed on tree trunks, had a fabulous time, but I am sure it would of been more pleasant at a different time of day!

Jerry nov209

This week Knole Park, next week Junior Magazine!

Still I bagged some rather handsome shots of Jerry and some of my girl playing and being cheeky!


Wintery fun

I think if I don’t marry our new camera, I will marry the 50-200mm lens I love that baby



It was a nice family day over all and I think it will be a great place to visit when the weather is warmer. Some of the Stags are heading in to Rut so racing about quite quickly around the females, it’s not dangerous and you can’t get near them they run away before you’re within 100 yards.

eliza knole nov09

go you will love it, I did!

It really is a fun place, we might venture into the house when it’s open, Eliza wants to find the princess.


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