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On Sunday the 6th of September I ran/walked/ran broke blood vessels in my face, lost a toenail, in the London Adidas woman’s 5km Challenge. I first heard about it from my Friend Clare with 5 weeks to go I signed up, plenty of time to train and be fit enough to finish. I actually had no worries about finishing it 5KM is hardly far and I would easily walk up to 10KM some days during the week so I wasn’t worried about the distance. I decided that even with training it would take me 1 hour to complete as I am so unfit. I am carrying about 10+ kilos of extra weight. I barely exercise. shuddup 🙂

But In my head I love, love running. I was so passionate about it during my high school years, it took me away, litterly it took me away from my home life which was mostly horrible. It was an escape in many ways. I would run on the moors with my dogs each time challenging myself to go further, to go quicker. I started to compete in local cross country comps and did well. I gained the title of the fastest girl at my school in long distance. I was on a high. I was also swimming competively as well and wining a lot of competitions with that. I was really into both sports. Then when I was about 18 I stopped I just stopped. I then only ran for fun and fitness and then as I got into my mid twenties I never ran often to constitue saying “I’m a runner”

So of course when Sunday came around I set off with Jeremiah in the stroller the micralite, my P&T vibe has a snapped chassis (it’s being investigated) I was in the 2nd to last lot of batches of people to run, they sounded the horn and we were off. It was really hard at first to get around all the people just walking I zipped in and out weaving my way through them until the first KM was over and then I walked fast for 2 KM every now and again breaking into a jog. Every now and again  breakthrough breastcancer people would see someone in their T-shirt like me and the cheering would start it really encouraged me to run faster, to keep going.

At the 4km mark I don’t know why, but I just pegged it. I decided I wanted a good time, despite not even knowing how long I had already been going! I crossed that line iin 42 minutes and 14 seconds. And I didn’t do a single day’s training, I didn’t run at all beforehand. I did nothing.

I rang my Husband as soon as I was able to breath again and he said “FINALLY” He was off shopping in the west end with our daughter, he asked what time I did it in and I told him, he was so so proud, he said “that’s really impressive, considering you did no training and you were pushing a stroller” I thanked him and hung up. I then walked 2 miles to meet him, I had already walked 2 miles to get to the race, I was on a high and starting to feel a little tired, but I kept on going! I really don’t think I did that well. BUT my husband does and that made me cry literally with joy. Because it was the only time in my life where I have run a race and someone who meant something to me said ” you were really impressive” it’s not the same as a teacher or a coach saying it. It meant SO much to me. And he kept saying it and saying it and I kept thinking “wow, I impressed him wow”

I impressed him so much, he thinks I can do better, better without pushing a stroller, better with training, better and further.

He is right, I can do better. I have extremely low self confidence if I had ankles not cankles it would be around that sort of level lol but I’ve taken his words on board and well. watch this space!

I want to thank EVERYONE who sponsored me we raised £135 I aimed for £100 so that’s wonderful. I am sure anyone with breast-cancer is appreciative of any money that goes towards finding better treatment and eventually a cure.


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