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Last week I took the kids to the Horniman Museum We left before Jerry’s nap thinking he would sleep in the car. He didn’t.

There is no parking at the Museum so you have to find parking on the close by streets. Which are Hilly, hilly, hilly.So I parked the car walked half way down the hill and realised I had left my mobile phone on the car seat, so had to walk up the hill with two kids 1 who cried because he thought we were getting back into the car and Eliza who complained as “hills are hard work”.

We got there before opening time and stood around outside, the benefit of going during the week means not many people are actually there but lots of schools are.

We went to see the Myths and Monsters exhibt. I knew there was a unicorn in there, what I didn’t realise was there was this

Which terrified Eliza, cyclops was also mechanical, so not only was he moving he was making these grunting sounds and I am eating a huge leg sounds, the picture is blurry as I hid them behind a screen and raced around to take this picture, while they shouted “mummy we are scared”

Still Eliza’s world was quickly made with this

She wrote out a note for the wishing tree as did Jerry.

The displays were awesome, if the kids were not so scared I would of liked to spend more time looking at them.

We headed off to look at some dead animals instead

Hmmm Jerry liked this fox, rubbed it’s tail all over his neck, Eliza stroked it and talked to it for ages, mostly asking “are you dead fox, were you alive before? You’re dead now” All heart my girl.

We then walked around the usual displays of stuffed monkeys, birds, and then they have a whole cabinet filled with animal innards in formaldehyde, now I was starting to question if I am still pregnant I feel fine and have no bump. I felt reallllly sick when I saw them, annoyingly the kids were very interested and I had to explain to Eliza about each ones innards rabbits, cats, mouse, dog, OMG you name it. Really glad they don’t have a real fetus like the Natural History in London what always irks me, same as the “real spinal cord and brain” fascinating but stomach churning. And I have an extremely strong stomach normally.

Then to settle our (my) stomach we went to the Aquarium and it’s quite small and basic. Quite a lot of “British shoreline” creatures so you know very dull lol big crabs though which Jerry loved. Kept asking to “eat it” lucky the glass was thick and high, security were looking a little worried though.

And then we headed back to the Unicorn a further 3 times and Eliza basically spent 30 minutes just staring at it, and talking to it and Jerry just sat in the stroller eating as that is what he likes to do when he’s not kicking a ball.

Well worth a visit. It’s free, except small exhibts like the myths and monsters which was a snip at a fiver for me and £2.50 for Eliza.

We’re heading back in a few weeks hopefully I’ll get to spend some time with Cyclops.


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