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Today I had no plans, but the sun came out and I still not having any friends in this area really didn’t feel like having another day at home, listening to the sound of my own voice and feeling like time is passing me by. So I looked for something to do. 30 minutes later not only did I have a picnic in the car for us, I had the kids dressed and sitting patiently as I set the GPS up. OH yes when I decide on something I work fast!

I picked Groombridge Place and Gardens for us to visit. I like gardens, the children like gardens. And it has a Zeedonk which sadly we didn’t get to see. But we did see a lot, I decided to take a boat ride, which Jerry HATED, HATED with a passion 10 minutes of him digging his fingers in to me and screaming OFF BOAT, NO LIKE IT

Eliza on the Boat

You arrive at the Robson Crusoe playground. There are some height restrictions on the equipment but I went around with the kids,we were the only people there so it was quiet! It was great for confidence building for Eliza who’s very scared of bridges with gaps. trying to not agree with her and say lets go back down we went across bridges and up and down the stairs.

It's the MAP, It's the map, come on sing it with me

Lots of things to look at and play with!

A place to sleep and have lunch!

I've never found the wicker look/feel appealing either

How you know your kids don't know you are scared of spiders

Lots of detail

what happens if you get bored watching the kids play

So after we played here we walked along the stream and I pretended that this was my property I was the ultra mega cool person to do this on my land. Because I like to live in my own dreams sometimes.

Then we came across this

A bone?

Eliza and Jerry were thrilled, never has a piece of wood had so much love, no mummy no one carved it, silly mummy, it’s a dinosaur bone. Yes which you can now use to rest upon. But that suddenly didn’t seem so appealing.

So we checked out the Mystic Pool, which really looks like a mosquito swamp if I am honest, being highly allergic to mozzies I scanned the area but it appeared safe and rather not Mystic.

Mystic eh

Then we walked on some more, painfully stopping to look at some mud on the ground which was a little wet, first we had Eliza worried about her shoes then Jerry who got his hands dirty, Seriously guys we live in the countryside now, stop the namby pamby city kid crap.

maze who knows I forget the name 😀

Reaching my favourite part of what we managed to see. Reminded me of Frodo’s house except VERY small

Who lives in a house like this..?

Seriously it’s lots of fun and lots to see, and do. I will go back because I really want to see the Zeedonk and the rest of the Enchanted forest. I also want to see the gardens better.

Trivia for you. Pride and Prejudice was filmed here using the house for the Bennets. Day of the triffids was filmed here, and it was the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes writer Sir  Arthur Conan Doyles book “The valley of Fear”

If you can go, go, it’s beautiful

Gates to the Private house

Moated manor

We loved it!


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