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Last week the kids and I headed up to London, we were lucky enough to be offered a family ticket to see the lastest Family show in the West End.

The Go! Go! G0! show


It  was the first time we had headed into London since we moved. So I anticipated a slightly longer journey on the train. As it happened a train pulled into the Station as I got my ticket and within 32 minutes I was at Charing cross. The kids love the train especially the ride in.

We got to Leicester Square an hour earlier than I had planned so we wandered around. I ended up buying water for myself and the kids, who had rapidly gone through their OJ’s and now Jerry was hungry and I was feeling a little lightheaded so we went and bought some Macdonalds, having never actually bought Macdonalds I stood there scanned the menu and saw nothing for kids so had to ask what was on offer.  I’m more of a Burger King person.

We went and sat in the Gardens and looked at the steady stream of people who had started to queue up for the premier of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz’s new move of which I should know the name lol.

I headed to the theatre which is just off the actual square. And collected my tickets, they said they would open the doors half an hour before the show started. OK I still had 30 mins to occupy myself we went for ANOTHER walk, but this time Jerry had, HAD enough and lay down in a huge puddle and had a MASSIVE tantrum. Me being me let him take it out on the pavement and then said “you done” I even heard someone say “do you think that’s her child” yeah lady because I am real child snatcher at 33 weeks pregnant huh. GRRR

ANYWAY then it was a mad dash to GAP to buy him some dry clothes. Back to the theatre and this is where it got a little crappy. Like I said I am 33 weeks pregnant. I had both kids with me and the P&T vibe to get into the theatre it’s two flights of stairs down to the theatre.

The kids walked down while I bumped down the stroller. Two staff stood at the bottom and neither of them actually offered to help. So be aware if you are going and going alone take lightest stroller you have. On the way out however they helped me lifted it up the stairs.

We found our seats and sat down, we were very close to the speakers which were on really loudly and the kids were waving their glowsticks £3 which I had bought and looking at their programs also £3.

Then we got told there was a 5 minute delay which turned into 20 minutes by this point. I was a little more than tetchy mainly due to getting in to early and Jerry having epic tantrum, then the “I’m hungry, I’m thirsty” chitter chatter started, this meant a trip to the bar paying a hefty £1.50 for the smallest pringles and the same for water, of course we were all very thirsty and it was warm in there, so take plenty of water and food it you go. I spent at least £15 on just buying us water the entire time and snacks.

The show began and within 10 minutes Eliza was in tears and asking to go home and Jerry was entranced. Eliza isn’t the best with things like this, you can read about our Disney experience earlier this year on my blog.

The cast interact with the children really well and the songs are really, really catchy and fab I really liked them. I was a little surprised when there was an intermission, I had been told the show was 45 minutes long. I really was quite over it , I had Jerry on my knee and Eliza clinging to me for dear life for the first half.

As the curtains closed both kids said one after another “go home now?” I said “well I think not, there is more to watch”. Eliza really looked unhappy and said she felt scared. Jerry was just exceedingly tired.

We sat and ate M&M’s and did more stickers in the programs.

The 2nd half started and I had made a point to both of them that they had to sit in their seats as I am way to fat to cope with both of them hanging off me!

Made all the difference Suddendly I was at the theatre with two different children, Eliza really, really got into it and was dancing and singing despite not knowing any of the words lol and waving her glowstick around frantically and Jerry was of course eating but bouncing up and down wildly in his seat.

It was great, the songs were really good again about sharing and having fun together, and of course the fluffalope was heavily featured.

The second half felt shorter, not sure if it was, or if it was the fact I was able to sit on my own and relax a little.

After it ended the cast come out to the Foyer and meet all the children, this was bizarrely crowded and people were pushing like crazy to get to the Cast who were lovely and polite and tired! I had to explain to Eliza about getting autographs she didn’t and really still doesn’t get what that process was all about, but she had her favourite character and wanted her name written on her book, which sadly she didn’t get but she got most of them.

I can now say three days after the show and neither of them have shut up about the show, Eliza is desperate to go and see it again, both have asked if we can get a fluffalope toy, what about a movie or a CD are there dolls?

They pretend they are in the show and act out little scenes together, it has been a huge hit and I hope they bring out a CD and a DVD of the show because it was great.

I do however think that 2 is the minimum age to take a child to something like this.  There were a few people with younger children and it looked a little tough on them walking around and trying to keep them quiet.

Over all we really enjoyed it. I didn’t plan as well as I should of in regards to timing and drink supplies but the show was fab and I hope if you go you enjoy it as much as we all did.


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