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Tried so hard to think of a funny title involving the word ribs, but at 6.30am I can’t

I managed between deliveries and packing, ironing, and being a mother to get to a DR yesterday afternoon.

After a little chat the bastard made me stand up and poked me in the ribs. I almost kicked him in the nuts.

For four weeks I have had a cold, the last two a chest infection. Last week I woke up coughing really violently, and heard some crunching sound anyway it’s the night, I barely sleep as it is and was like a zombie and fell back to sleep quickly.

Since then I’ve had an aching in my side, but the last few days it has progressively got worse to the point where I can’t extend my arm out, putting it above my head is agony.

Having read about fractured ribs in pregnancy I decided to consult DR Google. After reading 20 odd websites I had pretty much self diagnosed and eagerly waited to speak to the midwife about what the hell I could do about the pain. Go and see the DR. She said. EXCELLENT. *sigh*

Dr. Pain diagnosed 2 ribs with splinters and possible fractures although hard to tell, as they can’t actually x-ray me. But due to the level of pain, Β (I have a high tolerance for pain) the fact when he pushed on the ribs was AGONISING he also worked out with his stethoscope and ears that he could hear crackling on that side indicating also the ligaments have come away from my ribcage.

I walked away with some painkillers that so far do NOTHING aside from send me to sleep. I took them at 3.30 and I woke up at 5pm lol

He says it will take 4 weeks to heal and if they are in fact fractured 6 weeks so to be careful for 6 weeks just in case.

I don’t think it will be an issue you know with 2 children full time and moving house πŸ˜€


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