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Some of you might remember this post. Well I never went to the 30 week appointment. I am having a very good pregnancy probably my most uneventful to date.

Anyway I notified hospital of me not coming to the 30 week appointment. Three weeks ago I got a letter saying ” we know you want a c/section at 41 weeks could you please tell us where you’d like your care” I thought that was a little odd, but was given an email address to use so I emailed them saying that was correct and I’d like my care to continue where it was. I never heard anything back.

Then due to living in a black hole, I got a voicemail from the supervisor of midwifes asking me to call. I did. She told me that I didn’t come to the 30 week appointment, Correct I said. Why? She asked. Erm lets see shall we…

There was no point. – I said

Right OK she replied.

So could we make another appointment for you to see the consultant at 36 weeks?

For some stupid, stupid reason at 5.30pm on a Friday night I said “yes”

Now over the weekend the phone call played over and over in my mind, there was a long chat about other things too. I was anxious as anything about this impending appointment and went on and on about it to my husband. Then Sunday came and I had made up my mind and I wasn’t going. Knowing full well the intentions of the appointment.

The intentions are in my eyes to convince me to have a c/section at 39 weeks. As I said in my previous post that isn’t going to happen. My babies come late. This one might not who know’s it might come at 38 weeks but that isn’t by choice right.

So Monday first thing I call the midwife and get her name wrong. Great start LOL

I tell her that I’m not going to come to the appointment. Oh by the way she said “bring a support person, you might need them” obviously it wasn’t going to be a supportive meeting for me.

Why have you decided that Nataliya?

Because, I said I am not having a cesarean at 39 weeks and I know exactly what that appointment is about it’s about bullying me into having my baby then.

In her words “Not really bullying, more persuading you to have the baby at 39 weeks”

So that was the intention of the meeting!

And then came the best bit, the lamest reasoning of all.

It’s just that you want to have your baby at 41 weeks and the problem is that the theatres are under going a refurbishment and really when you want to have your cesarean it doesn’t fit in.

Guess what lady. THAT is not my problem, THAT is YOUR problem. I pointed out I worked in a OR for 7 years and that I know slotting in people unless emergencies was hard. But I am not risking my baby’s health because it doesn’t fit in, and to be completly honest, I can’t believe that is the reason. The actual reason is, I am a stubborn informed woman and I won’t be bullied. And they don’t like that.

Informed, yes why you are Nataliya, in fact you are extremely well informed and understand the system well.” She said.

So it’s all tactics, it’s all about bullying women into things they don’t want, making them think this is the best thing for them, when in fact it’s actually about doing what the consultants want and making sure all their little boxes are ticked and their 25 year old policy is fulfilled. None of which is my problem, and it’s my human right to have my baby where and how I like. This isn’t to say if I had a obvious problem like a low laying placenta which I did have, but scans since have shown it’s moved. That I wouldn’t follow medical advice. I am not a DR and I respect DR’s who look after people and not themselves.

She said “I can see I can’t persuade you (there’s that word again) to have your baby at 39 weeks, so we shall talk at the end of your pregnancy at 40 weeks.

I pointed out that, the end of my pregnancy with my 2nd child ended at 42 weeks and that was only because I physically gave up and said cut him out!

So in all honesty the end of my pregnancy could be 42 weeks, and if she’d like to speak to the VBAC clinic that they would also confirm this and they didn’t have an issue when I spoke to them. And that pregnancies can go 2 weeks either side, so in fact 42 weeks is normal it’s just a lot of women don’t get that far, for various reasons.

I think by this point she was sick of me and said that she’d speak to me again later LOL

Why? Why does it have to be this way? Especially when everything is fine with me, Health wise and baby wise.

What ever I won’t be pregnant for ever, The baby will come out, he’ll probably be 15lbs and rip me front to back but it will be over ๐Ÿ˜€

On a quick side note

if you are pregnant and need support contact aims and also look up yahoo vbac support groups they are great ๐Ÿ™‚


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A few weeks ago I had a real whinge on twitter about my lack of sleeping and how I was really uncomfortable at night, I then got a very sweet message from the girls at Dreamgenii offering me a chance to try out the pillow! OH YES PLEASE I said!

As soon as it arrived I wanted to go to bed, I was in fact exhausted but I had ZERO chance of getting a nap, I was in the middle of packing a house and looking at the children. A early night beckoned and I was swaddled up in the pillow by 10pm and for some work of god, Jeremiah slept through the night, something he has only recently started to do. so I got 7 hours sleep I woke up and felt like I was 18 again. Until I heard 2 small children.

Several nights in and I was starting to be much more comfortable and sleeping longer periods due to actually being comfy.


  • It is compact and can be put away easily if you are one to have your room all neat and tidy.
  • It doesn’t interfere with your other bed mate unlike another pillow I have which is like a bolster
  • It has a pillow slip which is washed like any other
  • The back support is great
  • I’m sure I will use it as a nursing pillow as well


  • I wish it was just a tad firmer especially between the knees and back support I’m talking a tad more!

Overall I really like using it and think if you are heavily pregnant or just starting to get restless at night then get one!

You can order them from the Dreamgenii Website and they retail at ยฃ44.99

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Tried so hard to think of a funny title involving the word ribs, but at 6.30am I can’t

I managed between deliveries and packing, ironing, and being a mother to get to a DR yesterday afternoon.

After a little chat the bastard made me stand up and poked me in the ribs. I almost kicked him in the nuts.

For four weeks I have had a cold, the last two a chest infection. Last week I woke up coughing really violently, and heard some crunching sound anyway it’s the night, I barely sleep as it is and was like a zombie and fell back to sleep quickly.

Since then I’ve had an aching in my side, but the last few days it has progressively got worse to the point where I can’t extend my arm out, putting it above my head is agony.

Having read about fractured ribs in pregnancy I decided to consult DR Google. After reading 20 odd websites I had pretty much self diagnosed and eagerly waited to speak to the midwife about what the hell I could do about the pain. Go and see the DR. She said. EXCELLENT. *sigh*

Dr. Pain diagnosed 2 ribs with splinters and possible fractures although hard to tell, as they can’t actually x-ray me. But due to the level of pain, ย (I have a high tolerance for pain) the fact when he pushed on the ribs was AGONISING he also worked out with his stethoscope and ears that he could hear crackling on that side indicating also the ligaments have come away from my ribcage.

I walked away with some painkillers that so far do NOTHING aside from send me to sleep. I took them at 3.30 and I woke up at 5pm lol

He says it will take 4 weeks to heal and if they are in fact fractured 6 weeks so to be careful for 6 weeks just in case.

I don’t think it will be an issue you know with 2 children full time and moving house ๐Ÿ˜€

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I really am pissed off with the NHS.

1st Baby in Sydney – Australia saw midwife at 12 weeks then every 4 weeks then every 2 weeks then every week until birth.

2nd Baby London -Westminster saw Midwife at 14 weeks, then every 4 weeks in my home then every 2 then every 1 until the birth.

3rd Baby Kent – Bromley. Saw Midwife at 14 weeks. Saw dumbass, I will try to scare the shit out of you consultant at 16+ weeks then had my scan at 22 weeks. And was told to call the local midwife at the medical centre to book appt for 25 weeks. I did that ย and was told it was to early to book an appt and to ring the week I am 25 weeks.

That’s this week so I ring on Monday. No appointments this week so can you come at 26 weeks? You told me to ring this week, and now I can’t come as you don’t have any appointments.

At 28 weeks I have an appointment with the VBAC clinic I am sure this will not be a check up on uterus growth or urine checks or blood pressure this will be an appointment of “are you aware of the risks”.

I am tempted not to bother with the midwife appointment at 26 week, I mean why bother, not like anything is happening with me. I’m gestating away happily on my own.

Just seems a little stupid that things are different in different boroughs, but it shouldn’t be NHS care should be standard and the same up & down the country. But I guess that would make to much sense.

Hopefully after the government have sorted out the education system, they’ll sort out the NHS.


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I am now 23 weeks pregnant. And I feel sad that I just look fat not pregnant. This ladies and Gents is what happens when you don’t spring back or bother to make any effort in returning to your normal weight. After Eliza I lost all the weight in 2 weeks, I was ill though. Then with Jerry I didn’t and was still carrying 4 kilos 2 years later. When in fact I should of been at least 10 kilos less than I was when I got pregnant with my 3rd child.

Sharing this, but feel horribly fat and not pregnant looking at all.

23 weeks

I had my 20 week scan couple of weeks ago, and asked to find out the gender like we have for our other two children. Not 100% as the baby was moving so much and it’s legs were crossed but she thinks it’s a boy.

I’ll admit I felt a pang of sadness and then utter joy and happiness, as there is nothing wrong with it’s heart. Or anything else obvious. I realised my sadness was in fact disappointment for Eliza.

I had to tell Eliza that she was expecting another little brother. Her eyes welled up and her lip trembled and she said “but I already have a brother, I really wanted a sister” I explained we have no choice and only god decides. At which point she said “well hopefully god will give me a sister next time”….Next time?!!!

She’s happy little thing now and cuddles my tummy and calls baby by it’s name. Lifes good.

In my world it’s been like this…

“Do you know what your having?”

Yes I’m pretty sure it’s a boy, to which has been met with ohhh are you disappointed? I mean you just had a boy, and OH god not two boys, poor you.

why would you have another child when you have 1 of each already.

and some others. I just don’t get people, I don’t get what gives them the thought in their head that thinks somehow one gender is better than the other or that I even considered having another child.

I’ll also never get other people who say “what is your baby’s name?” and you tell them and all they can say is “that’s an awful name” I have three things to say to people like that.

1) When you have a child, you can name it.

2) If you think it, you should probably keep your mouth shut, as you know, it hurts peoples feelings

3) It has NOTHING to do with anyone what they call their child, only the mother and father.

Because as any mother knows. Any child is a blessing regardless of gender and regardless of names. So no I am not disappointed at all. I am just disappointed in people who think it’s OK to think I would be and disappointed in people with zero tact!

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