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Who here likes Anne Geddes? I love her in a totally sister kinda way 🙂 I love everything about her work.

While out shopping the other day we decided to treat the kids to a toy. I saw a cute little butterfly doll on the shelf and raced around to the next aisle to my husband and scream OMGHAVEYOUSEENTHISELIZAWILLLOVEIT…….. And he said “there is a whole shelf of them HAY_UGE mistake telling me that. I raced back around to discover yes there was a shelf of them 4 different types. He said “buy them all” and I said “OK that’s just daft” and we bought two, I’m highly tempted to go back to the shop.



My son was sleeping the other day, I took this opportunity to spend it with Eliza and do some photography. We both came up with the compositions with the dolls and we snapped away. OK so it would be better if they were real babies, but Anne Geddes has already done this. I find this with art. It’s great to get ideas and follow, but you need to find your own style and creativeness. I didn’t here, but I do with a lot of my photography maybe that’s why I am not getting any work?


Whatever we had fun!

baby2Look the Holly tree is getting all Christmassy and red berries ohh it makes me excited for Christmas!


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We finally got our act together this past weekend & set the study up, it’s yet to be completed. I’ve been so tired since Sunday, the effort of emptying yet more boxes, taking shit up to the attic took it out of me.

But my work computer is all set up, I have all my photography goodies on here, I had some on the lap top but all my folders etc are on here! So without further ado, I dug out my Olympus E3 manual because I am a forgetful type & lazy so i think it’s good to refresh the grey matter. I also love to just sit & play with my camera find out what works what doesn’t the more one does this the more your hit rate of good pictures will occur.

Silly girl

Silly girl

Here is my charming daughter acting up for the camera, no more serious or nice pictures no saying “smile” or “Sit still” is never going to work & when I’m working  never say these words because kids are kids on their own time in their own place so I think we should capture that.

I give you my Son who see’s the camera coming out & demands “ME ME ME ME ME” jblogHe was in serious mid laughter here, you see the thing is I’m actually quite funny & can make kids & sometimes adults laugh it’s a true story ask anyone, want a belly laugh I’ll give you one.

I recently downloaded some free framing actions for photoshop I use CS4 but I would assume they work in all versions. love it, I’ve tweaked them for my own personal tastes.

I really enjoy photography, I am so glad I learned the way I did using film first. I’m so glad I can look through glorious Ansell Adams books & learn & be inspired.

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Being thin

Being thin is not what it’s cracked up to be. I’ve been seeing a lot of glamorous pictures lately (summers coming eh) which inspired me to post this

As teenager I went through the throes of starving myself at the grand old height of 5’4 I weighed in what I thought was a hefty 7 stone that’s 44 kilos for my metric friends 98lbs for my stateside fans.

I was terrified of getting fatter, being so over-weight played on my mind nearly every hour, I got up at 5am and worked out I then would come home after school and run for an hour. I was FIT!

I was ill very ill. I was going through a bad time with things and it was only when I went to Australia did my eating pick up.

Unal always talks about how when he met me I didn’t eat and then when I did it was sausages and mash. I pretty much touched nothing. But I was at a healthier weight I was 8.5 stone then a good weight for my height.

Now I am actually a little over-weight can you believe it, now I am a happy person, happy with my life and who I am. (Almost) you see I hate myself physically, I dislike so much about myself, I now enjoy food, but I yean to be thin I think inside of me is 1 maybe 2 thin people trying to get out lol

But over-all I’m happy and it’s not something that consumes me as much as it use to.
Here I am don’t I look cool

I see magazines every day about weight and I think “wish I looked like that” I never will because they are airbrushed etc but you still think you might actually look like this!

I am sure a few of us saw this in the media I actually have no idea who she is what she does/did Her name is Kim Kardashian

Photo taken from linked site

I just think it’s so wrong we are made to feel like we should look photoshopped all the time, we can never look like that. Could we just be happy with ourselves for a minute or two!

I hope you are living a happy health balanced life in regards to body image, if you are suffering get help it can cause some life long issues some of which affect me 12 years on from recovering.

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