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Last weekend I undertook my first wedding shoot. It wasn’t a big old white wedding with 45 bridesmaids and 400 guests. Instead it was rather a informal – formal affair in central London. In a stunning church in Marylebone, followed by transport in the form of the old route master bus with a reception afterwards.

I had been asked to work 8 hours. I was asked a few months ago and worked out I’d be 26 weeks pregnant and decided that 8 hours on my feet would be far to much. I desperately wanted this. I’ve been trying to get into wedding photography for a year or more.

Being a photographer already, really (obviously) put off wedding photographers when I asked to be a 2nd shooter, even when they were asking!

I proposed an offer and totally sold myself and sat in utter anxiety for a few days. And got an email back. I sat and looked at the subject line for ages, not wanting to open it, not wanting to read, ‘thanks but no thanks’ I just hate rejection. I clicked it and the first line I read was

“we love your proposal and we want you to photograph our ceremony” I was over the moon I wanted to scream except it was 5am and everyone was asleep. I went and looked at hubby but he really was very asleep.

I arrived at the church an hour early, I have a thing with being early, yes even with two kids I am always early. I scoped out the church looking at all the lighting and sat down and took it all in. I felt calm and suddenly I felt incredibly tired. I was so, so tired. I didn’t have lunch. OOPS I had some water and went around photographing the church. Got the low down from the priest, who was pretty scary and told me. If I messed up he wouldn’t hesitate to stop the service and let me know.

That REALLLLLLLY helped I wasn’t anxious but now I was.

It all went incredibly smoothly and despite my lack of knowledge of wedding photography I’ve walked away with more work and a real boost to my confidence.

So if you live in Kent, London and you are getting married or know someone getting married get in touch. Rates are good right now!

Nataliya Photographics


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My husband has never been to Greenwich park so we decided with his week off work we’d go, it was quite bracing out. But the sun was shining the birds were tweeting and I had a HUGE urge to do some photography.

No one will notice me with this

Lucky for me/us we both love photography. So we both look like a couple of tourists where ever we go, although I tend to look a little more paparazzi with the huge lens.

Still I have to look a bit dicky to get what I want

She looks like she’s doing a hair advert here, Eliza is very over me taking her photograph, most pictures I get of her are sneaky, or of her back.

Eliza is one of the most lazy children you’ll ever meet, she would still be in a stroller if we let her, she likes to rest as much as possible and complains after walking 100 yards.


Jerry would walk around the world twice if he could.

No matter where she is, he's right behind her

And I hope they are always there for each other…

Love you

We’re big on hugging in this family & photography.

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There are a few times in my life where I say WOW you really have to impress me or I have to see things I have never seen before.

We have a new addition to our family her name is Leica M9 and she is adorable. Lucky for her she had some friends upon her arrival some rather loveable lenses we’ve loved for years. But yesterday a new baby arrived oh yes the 85mm a nice little er actually it’s quite big and heavy like my babies always are.

Today I went on a diasterous woodland walk it sucked for reasons I shall save for another time,but lets say “wet pants” and “go home” were mentioned

But despite this I wasn’t going to let this stop me from getting some snaps

This was before he sat in a HAYUGE deep pile of leaf rot mud and asked to “go home”

Please darling I know you have wet pants, but can we get a shot for erm Grandma?

I think it’s ❤

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Hever Castle

My husband is always desperate to go do things on the weekend, I am not. I am not sure why because once in the car and at the destination I have a fantabulous time and then talk his ears off for the rest of the night about what a great day we had, and he always says “yes once we got you out of the house”

I do love it once I’m on my way that is.

Hubby was desperate to do something out-doorsy which is pretty hard right now as there seems to be a bit of rain in the UK it’s really bad. But there was a 3 hour window in which it was meant to NOT rain, we showered as fast as possible and set of to Hever.

After much debate about my husband saying “I dunno if I want to go there” honestly we spend 40 minutes always having a go at each other. Him about me not wanting to leave the house and me telling him every suggestion I make he doesn’t like” anyone else do this crap?

We got there and then it started raining, well what a surprise the weather board got it wrong. Eliza is a total princess and despite wearing 14 layers of clothing and a fleece and a wind and waterproof coat she was cold. I kept pointing out the castle in a very excited manner, and maybe there was a princess in there.

We raced down to the bridge and stopped for a quick jump in some puddles and then crossed the moat’s bridge where Eliza decided she would fall through one of the cracks and die. Daddy came to her rescue. he did point out to her that the cracks were not that big she could fall down between them.

Standing in the Entrance was a guide, under her breath I heard her say “children” to another guide, you could see the dread in her face. The desperation of yet more toddlers touching a tapestry or knocking a 1795 vase on to the floor started to flood my mind. You watch Eliza, I’ll take Jerry. I told my husband which is normally pointless as he forgets he’s meant to be watching one or other of them and I end up watching both of them, why is that? Hello, hello anyone out there or am I talking to myself…

Eliza is pretty good in places like this, she’s very interested in Artwork she wants to know who every single person is and what the painting is about, I try to get her to tell me what she thinks the paintings are about, and we look at them and talk about what we can see. Jerry has no time for this sadly might have something to do with the fact he is 17 months old.

She then says very loudly “IS THIS THE HOUSE OF THE QUEEN WHO HAD HER HEAD CUT OFF?” To say I was surprised was a understatement. back in July/August we had gone to Hever with friends, we didn’t go in the castle but the kids had a great time in the Gardens they also have a fantastic Adventure playground and water maze. I had told Eliza back then about Anne Boleyn I was so surprised she remember that and so proud, she has an amazing memory when she wants to, funny she can’t remember me saying 7347364 times a day to stop snatching and pushing her brother.

You’re not allowed to take photo’s in the house sadly so obviously I didn’t. Thankfully after a cup of tea the rain stopped and we headed back into the gardens I was relectunt to walk around as the kids had both been so sick last week, but they seemed fine.

Steps in the Italian Garden

The colours right now are lovely, was nice to let my eye photograph some thing else for a change.

Lots & lots of puddles!

It was flooded in parts and the kids had enormous fun, they got so wet! Luckily I had spare clothes for them both!

I just love this image.

Someone likes Swans

What the hell is going on here? She’s all nekkid and making out with a swan, it’s just wrong.

It really started to get very cold and the kids by this point were very wet, and I was very worried they were going to get ill again so we changed their clothes, banged the heating up, by the point I had driven a mile they were both fast asleep. A good day me thinks! We bought a Annual membership which means we now have access to the Castle and Gardens for a year. I can’t wait!

Definitely worth a day out even just to the gardens!

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As some of you know I like photography, I do really enjoy it. I enjoy doing it, I enjoy looking at it. I adore documentary photography mostly the works of Salgado they are usually not enjoyable photographs to look at and I am sure they were awful to shoot but they are truly amazing and if you’re in a bookshop check his work out, it’s very moving.

When I was learning about photography I was using film and a Lecia M4-P which is fully manual. I had to estimate the light and get it right. It wasn’t easy and I made a lot of mistakes and to this day I get muddled I tell you I am special.

I decided to do some learning documentary shots it’s not easy to get pictures like these when you’re using a 50mm. As I took this a group turned up and I had to tell them to be quiet so not to wake him as I was getting closer and closer. I am certain there is now 20 people in Japan with a picture of me taking this picture!



I had to get so close to this chap and he wasn’t asleep, He asked me what I was doing and I said documenting people living rough in Sydney, he grunted OK.


Me Sneaky nooooo. This guy was sleeping on a HUGE man hole cover which accesses a sewer why he chose to lie on it I will never know.lib

A scene you would often see on the steps of Sydney Library  these guys were not so happy at me taking their photograph I think this was one of my first images of trying to capture living rough in Sydney and I didn’t really know how to be stealthy!

I would like to point out that Sydney is not a homeless haven and that there is minimal homeless people compared to say London. It’s just that at the time I wanted to try my hand at documenting something that could happen to any of us.

Shall I end with a nice photo of Chinaman beach, a stunning place very beautiful near Huskisson NSW

chinaman beachOne day I would love to travel to a remote part of the world and document people. It’s been done a thousand times before, but you have to have goals!

*All photos are copyright, if you use them, please link me and all photo’s are available to purchase as usual.

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eliza prettygirl oct09Eliza loves to make faces for the camera, it’s funny but when you’re trying to get a nice portrait shot to send to the grandparents for Christmas it’s not so funny. I tried a lot of nice talk to make her stop and smile. In the end I said “can you say the word “bum?” Eliza has no idea what bum means. We use the word bottom. But nonetheless she found the word hilarious I said can you say “poo bum” and then it became a hysterical word.

elizaoct09Check out the veins on her neck, they are bulging she was laughing that hard!

I think we got a couple of winning shots that her G’ma over in Australia is going to love 🙂

Master J well he didn’t find the word bum or poo funny so I just called his name

Jeremiahoct09See his necklace… I am going to do a blog post  just about that soon……

your in lovemykidsville

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Who here likes Anne Geddes? I love her in a totally sister kinda way 🙂 I love everything about her work.

While out shopping the other day we decided to treat the kids to a toy. I saw a cute little butterfly doll on the shelf and raced around to the next aisle to my husband and scream OMGHAVEYOUSEENTHISELIZAWILLLOVEIT…….. And he said “there is a whole shelf of them HAY_UGE mistake telling me that. I raced back around to discover yes there was a shelf of them 4 different types. He said “buy them all” and I said “OK that’s just daft” and we bought two, I’m highly tempted to go back to the shop.



My son was sleeping the other day, I took this opportunity to spend it with Eliza and do some photography. We both came up with the compositions with the dolls and we snapped away. OK so it would be better if they were real babies, but Anne Geddes has already done this. I find this with art. It’s great to get ideas and follow, but you need to find your own style and creativeness. I didn’t here, but I do with a lot of my photography maybe that’s why I am not getting any work?


Whatever we had fun!

baby2Look the Holly tree is getting all Christmassy and red berries ohh it makes me excited for Christmas!

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