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This is a touchy subject with me. Lets start by saying it’s my opinion and like yours it doesn’t make it right or wrong, it’s just an opinion!

When I got pregnant with Eliza I was working in a hospital part time in the sterilising department, it was heavy work and I had other back issues and was trying to start my photography business. At 11 weeks my husband said, that’s enough quit you’re going to be a mum now.

Luckily we were then and still are in a position where I can be a stay at home mum, I have the options and choices to work if I want, and I do every now and again with the photography I take on as much or as little work as I want.

I took my new found life very seriously and said I hoped I could always stay at home and look after my children. Husband agreed.

I also always said I’d never send my children to Nursery, because I want to raise my children. I want to teach them, I chose to have kids not a job and I intend to be there until they start school.

This was probably fine until I had Jeremiah. All my friends started to send their children to nursery. But still it just didn’t personally sit with me. I understood why they were doing it, but I couldn’t. She was 2 years old still a baby in my eyes, those 2 years had gone by so fast, surely the next two would as well. And they have.

And I am so proud of myself. LOL


Because at times I have truly felt like I can’t go on. And that she needed to go to Nursery pronto!

But I have never given in to that selfish feeling that is only fleeting for me. Eliza is a bright kid, and started to take an interest in numbers and letters at around 2.5 she wanted to start learning. I bought some little 3-5 year preschool books and for the past 2 years we have been using them and various other ones to help challenge her and to give her what she asks for. I don’t push her, if she didn’t want to learn to write or add 2+2 I’d never say “right we’re doing this today” I believe all children learn as much or as little as they want when they are home with their parents. Or as much as their parents can give them! I’m happy to encourage her and to be honest she could sit and do her writing books for an hour, where I tend to think at 3 years this was a little excessive and tell her to take a break for a little bit. Now at 4 she will sit easily for an hour doing her reading and writing books, sometimes I sit with her for the entire hour or she happily works away on her own asking for help if and when she needs it.

Jerry isn’t like Eliza at the same age and I don’t expect him to be, he’s a different person, he’s extremely physical and loves being active, he has very little interest in arts and crafts, and only recently in the last 6 months decided he quite liked being read to and now picks books for you to read to him, he’s not as independent as she was and I have to encourage him to play on his own. Just as I sit with Eliza I take Jerry into the garden and play football with him, and play hand eye co-ordination games with him.

When we moved to central London, I did a lot of classes with Eliza we did a dance class which was basically running around and having fun, then we did a arts and craft class, we had a music class like monkey music, we went to the Library, we went to French Class, and Ballet and Playgroups.  It sounds like a lot and it was and I was pregnant with Jerry so it got even more tiring, I had a lot of support however there. This was perfect for Eliza this was at a level of stimulation enough for her.

Once Jerry was born we went to French and she went to Ballet and we went to Playgroup that was it. Of course Jerry was little and she was older and she got bored so he didn’t get to go to playgroup, I ended up with one bored toddler and a sleeping baby, so I stopped a lot of the other classes.

Then we moved to Suburbia, and I had one 1 year old and a 3 year old and I couldn’t go to any classes with them both, they were now both missing out. I had no friends in the area, come to think of it I still don’t lol and no one except Monkey Music would take me on with both kids, so Monkey Music it was. And that’s all we have done for the past year. The rest of the time it’s been me as the entertainment.

Thankfully and if you look back through my blog, you’ll see we’ve done a lot since we moved out here, lots of trips to Europe, lots of family days out. There is a lot of other things to do out here, things that we all enjoy.

Now Eliza is starting school in September and she couldn’t be more excited she quizzed the headmaster on the computer room, asked if they had singing lessons and if she could learn violin. She asked the teachers if they taught maths and reading and writing, her first visit she came out thrilled with the fact one of the teachers had sat with her to read a book and she had read some words.

Jerry is still obviously with me, and bored. OH SO BORED. And I am 33 weeks pregnant and tired.

So with this all in mind. I started to look for a nursery, the first one I visited I was APPALLED this nursery has a “good” report from Ofsted I was thinking they must of come on a very good day.

You know when you go into a baby change room in public and you open the nappy bins to throw one away. Every room smelled like that. There were old cobwebs in the corners of the rooms, the floors were FILTHY, the toys weren’t much better and there were a lot, A LOT of kids there. I felt like J would be alone a lot of the time if he went there and there was no way in hell I’d ever send him there it was so dirty. I feel really sorry for the mums and dads out there who have no choice but to send their kids there. It was heartbreaking. So glad I do have that choice, I’d rather he hung off my trousers all day and cried and had tantrums.

So I decided the best thing for me to look into was Montessori I know I like that style of nursery and learning and I found one which had “outstanding” on it’s Ofsted report and next to it it said “above outstanding” having just been to the “good” nursery I held little hope for this place.

But I went along. It was as expected calm, the kids playing nicely, 1-1 a lot of the children, or sitting in pairs or tables of 4. The juice and snack bar is always open apparently and they can help themselves. Jerry stuck to the home corner he loves having tea parties and cleaning. He washed dinosaurs and dried them took them for a walk, put them to bed, then he headed for the maths corner and really got into shapes and what not and had a good look around at everything else.

I was happy.

Afterwards I asked him what he thought. “I liked it mummy, I liked that nursery, I like tea parties and dinosaurs” I said would he like to go again and it was a very keen “yes, now?”

So I’m putting his name down for 1-2 mornings a week see how he goes and fits in. I am easy and flexible on how long he goes for. I am easy if he doesn’t like it, but I really feel like he’s missed out on things that Eliza got to do. He isn’t as well socialised and is timid around other children. Hopefully this will help him and it will give me a little selfish break with the new baby.

I still feel like it’s selfish of me, I still feel that being a full time stay at home mum, I should be exactly that. And I feel like I have let Jerry down by putting him into Nursery. I wonder when he is grown up he’ll look back say “you did so much for Eliza why not me?”

I do however fully intend to get him into Tumble Tots and Little Kickers, although he ,despite liking football, has said he doesn’t want to go to football class!  So we might just try it and see if he really doesn’t want to go!

So am I alone in this guilt of sending to nursery?


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When we left Marylebone behind we wondered how we’d cope with the lack of shopping, being frequent visitors to Selfridges and other rather fabulous shops how on earth would we manage? The two of us like to browse the shops for anything and everything. Husband for TV’s and Cameras, me for Make up and shoes, Eliza loves to look for clothes and jewels and toys and Jerry HATES shopping more than any other man/boy I’ve met in my life.

Moving to Kent meant those shops were now at least 45 mins away or we could go to the rather large shopping malls that surround us here in Kent. I do find places like Bluewater repetitive and full of trinket shops and shops for obviously the younger generation. As in under 25’s

But it will do.

It has House of Fraser etc so one can get all the Kitchenware and it has an Apple store and Girls and Boys Base shops so you know we’re all covered if we visit there 😀

Now we have moved again, we’re living in a semi rural environment and TBH 1 week in, I like it more than I did living where we were 1 week ago. I’d rather be out and away from it all. Closest shops to me are 2 miles away. I’m talking shops like post office, small convenience store etc.

The air is really clean, the water is softer, I am thinking it’s sourced from somewhere other than the Thames. Limescale is almost zero here.

And I am surrounded by village folk who ring my door bell early in the mornings with bowls of strawberries and offers to look after the kids or run to the shops for me. Of course a lot of this goes with being the new person in a village and them wanting to see us. I grew up in Devon someone new moving into the town/village is like some towns finding unexploded bombs, the excitement is almost unbearable.

We also gained a cat in our move, the cat has lived in the house her whole life,

Kitty Cat

I also gained a rather well grown herb area of the garden

The garden is lovely and I am hoping to get a summer house for the children soon, although finding one that isn’t going to mean I have to sell a kidney is proving hard. Well the ones we like anyway. The garden is in desperate need of love and attention and is overgrown it’s like the secret Garden out there. Hubby bravely went into one of the sheds yesterday and managed to come out alive after saying “you won’t want to go in there babe” next weekend he shall tackle the shed of doom. We both suspect Shelob is living in there.

I do however have a gardener now, and I fully intend to get him to cut a lot back and get some more light into the garden. Or I might just instruct hubby to do it, I like watching him work.

I have a few touches that need to happen, to my new abode we now have a massive dinning table for 10 people. but no tablecloths quite hard to find tableclothes that are 280 x 160 and you can wipe down and don’t look like they belong in a roadside diner. I might also need to find 8 friends.

My husband bought some plants for myself and Eliza yesterday so they have brightened up the place too.

Today will be spent finding the dinning table after I dumped a load of crap on it yesterday in anticipation I do find a tablecloth! And getting Eliza’s books into her room. I also need to tackle my hallway which I feel slightly anxious about due to 8 legged friends, but I can do this!

Hope you all have a lovely Monday too 🙂

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Home sweet home

We move house in a few days. There is one thing I always do when I move and that’s set up my photographs first. I do the same with our kokeshi Dolls I especially like to set the dolls up. They mean a lot to me, and make me feel homely.

The first things we took to the new house were the kids outdoor toys this got them out the way and they got to explore the new garden.

Initally we were going to set them up in the loft room to share, this was at their request. But the stairs leading to that room are a little narrow and not great for little people needing a wee in the night. So we decided that the two rooms on the same floor as ours would be theirs. It took a lot of convincing to get Eliza to take the bigger room, she wanted the smaller one with the light pink walls. I took her back to the old house and pointed out all her furniture and then back to the new house and told her that if she was to have the smaller room this was fine, but she’d have to put her bookshelf into Jerry’s room. And there we have it Eliza is now in the bigger room.

We have taken nearly half their toys to the new place and we kept aside toys for a few months and have returned them now, of course they are excited to get toys back and happily play with them in the new rooms. Which are of course still furniture-less but it’s helping to adjust them. Eliza is very excited. Jerry is very excited but after an hour he is at the front door asking to go home. He is exactly like me and doesn’t embrace change as quickly as Eliza and my husband, but he’ll get there.

Another tip is to take towels and hand soap and nappies and wipes to the new house and have them handy you’ll need them if you are in between moves and have an overlap in time, we’ve had 10 days so I’ve been in and out of the new place setting up things slowly and orderly. We have taken A LOT ourselves all my clothes are there now, really all the removers have to do is pack the kitchen and take all furniture.

Get the kids involved if they are able to, I had Jerry help  pack the CD’s and DVD’s  Eliza has helped me pack all the paperwork and holds bags open for me. Get them to open their little bags and put toys where they want, it won’t be where you want them but that’s not important, giving them some independence in their new environment is.

Ask for their opinions on what they think looks nice with what you have done, tell them what a fabulous job they have done setting up their rooms. Then go and bang your head into some rusty nails. 😀

My number one tip is this. Start packing 4 weeks before you move. We only actually moved 1 year ago so our junk levels were almost zero. Before that they were BAD! And we packed late it was HORRID.

4 weeks until your move find boxes I bought a home moving pack from the people we used as removalists. Be careful buying from companies that sell them and that’s all they sell they are costly and normally not as thick as what you can get from movers.

pack a little each day some days I packed 6 boxes some days 2 some days none, now with 3 days until our move I have about 3 boxes to pack if that. Take your time label everything clearly. It will help you and the guys that move your home.

Shop around for movers. The company that we used last year were really well priced, this time however they were not our cheapest option. Make sure you get a fixed fee. Having someone come and quote and then come and move you only to decide in fact it was more work then they realised and ask you to pay more before they unload your belongings could happen and that isn’t fun for anyone. Never happened to me but I have heard it happen to others.

Check your home insurance and the movers insurance see what they cover and what they don’t What they will take and what they won’t take.

Use this website I am moving it is fabulous I had read reviews and thought lets do it. I then waited 2 days and rang all who I had notified and everything was already in the process of being set up at the new place and closed down at the old place, it’s quick and easy.

If you are a British Citizen then you can change your driving licence online saving time on filling forms and heading to the post office, you do still however have to return the old ones to the DVLA once you get your new one.

When you are changing over your car and home insurance you will get those lovely questions on when your home insurance is due and your car insurance this is because they want to send you information on their policies and get you to move, you never know it might be worthwhile but you should be the one to decide not them bombarding you with junk mail!

Redirect your mail, and use the royal mail opt out service of junk mail. I have to say I did this last year and I have never seen so much bloody crap from the postman this didn’t work for me.

Keep all your passports and bills, and anything important with you, never let the movers take this sort of thing.

Finally work together as a team, moving is never a good time, however it doesn’t have to be something that can bring you to the point of divorce. I know when we moved a year ago we were at each others throats constantly and it was awful I spent a lot of time crying and wishing I was somewhere else. I am sure my husband did the same.

This time we have been great together, he’d beg to differ but really he’d be a fool lol it comes down to they way he does things and the way I do them we don’t like each others ways but we have had to shrug our shoulders and get on with it. harmonious times.

That’s it for now as I really need to rest my cankles!

oh and buy some fresh flowers nothing like that to spruce up the place!

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So you might of seen my Love you post earlier in the week.

I think some of you were mistaken life’s is a bed of roses around here. It isn’t.


This happens about 457847 times a day. Jerry is a biter, he has started to bite. He’s always very apologetic afterwards. Eliza doesn’t help things if he pushes by her to reach something she will lay on top of him to punish him for pushing, he bites her, she gets up. And on and on it goes.

I spend a lot of my time on my knees requesting Eliza speak in a normal voice, and if she has lost hers to go find quickly and come back. And making Jerry say sorry and explaining biting hurts A LOT. Occasionally I scream and act like I am have lost my mind. I find this quite effective with both children stopping what they are doing and looking at me scared out of their minds.

Anyway I might be around a little less, we move house next week, and this afternoon I am hoping to see a DR. As the Midwife suspects I have at least 2-3 fractured ribs. Mainly from coughing so much the last two weeks.


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Last weekend the kids & I went up to London to where we use to live. We lived close to Regents & Hyde park so very central.

We led a good life there, mostly socialising extensively during the day with my mummy mafia friends, shopping, shopping in the evenings, hubby use to take Eliza to Selfridges a lot in the evenings when we moved she kept saying ” I miss Selfridges, me too” I use to say. walks in the parks in the evenings, nipping to London Zoo when ever we wanted.

Life was good. Then we had to move, my husband was out of work, I am sure most are aware London isn’t a cheap place to rent. We decided to move to Suburbia. Our idea of living hell.

9 months on we both miss London, we miss strolling down Old Bond Street, having tea & cakes here, then wandering home up Regents street. We miss having everything on our doorstep.

My husband now has a horrible commute along with hundreds of others think Hong Kong style cattle trains which isn’t great. But you only have to look at the kids to know it was the right thing to do.

BUT when I see this

so proud

discovering pegs

They’re having a great time. Not to mention there is so much to do out here, children’s farms, adventure parks, playcentres galore. We’re also close to the Eurotunnel giving us easy access to Europe.

Yep there are some downsides to being out here. But as the weather warms up it can only get better again.

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Where can he be?

Monkey Music is a music program for children it’s different to others out there. Eliza and I started music classes before she could actually sit up on her own she was close to 6 months when we started Kindermusik in Sydney, Australia. To say she loved it was an understatement she rocked furiously and had a grin ear to ear. I was sold. I bought every musical instrument I could find, that she could grasp in those enormous fat rubber band hands of hers.

When we moved to Marylebone, London, I looked for music classes I found there was no Monkey Music and No Kindermusik what were I to do now? So I took it upon myself to sing with her along with the Kindermusik CD and use the instruments we had bought. She loved that.

Eventually I found a organisation which has since closed down that had music classes they were run by a guy called Neal from the band Sigue Sigue Sputnik he was fantastic, he sang all songs we  all know old McDonald, Twinkle Twinkle little Star and he played his guitar the whole time the kids really got into it and he had fabulous energy. Then he took a break to focus on his record producing and childrens albums I had Jeremiah and we didn’t return.

Then my friends and I decided to hire the local Kindermusik woman to give us a private class. We did this by organise enough of us to make it worth while and we held it in my Friends house. This was great the kids had a great time, but it was a painful term due to the teacher not being able to actually sing, she was a sweetie and a lovely woman but hmm not the vocal quality our ears had hoped for. After that we erm didn’t hire her again and we were once again left without music in our lives.

After our lovely May holiday in France and Spain we came home. Two days later we- got-  ahem Married after 12 years of love and hate and decided to move to the burbs. Unal was out of work, I was out of patience and we decided on Kent. And here we were.

I had to find classes I had to get out I had to find something anything to occupy both kids. Now here’s the issue. I am a full time stay at home mum. I am also one of those mums who pretends she’s supermum. I don’t send Eliza to Nursery although most days I wish I did. I instead do all my own ironing (oh I miss my ironing lady) I take the kids on walks to the woods and I scream and cry and tell my husband I hate him and then well you know..

So I had heard about Monkey music so I thought “bet that is out here in the countryside” and it was. And I was so happy, happy I could go, or could I? I had two children 2 years apart they should be in separate classes, how could I go? I spoke to Helen the co-ordinator for this area she was happy to place us in the middle class so both could benefit. They both LOVE it. each Wednesday when I tell them “lets go to Monkey Music” they both get very excited Eliza mostly banters on about how good she will be and how she will tell her teacher she does Ballet and loves Horses and then spends most of the class firmly planted on my knees.

Jeremiah also LOVES it although he hates giving anything back and occasionally has a fit rolls around the floor and I do what I normally do laugh and pray I’m the only one who can see what’s happening. I got so concerned that I emailed Helen to ask if I should even come back, I was told I was OK and that no matter what class he’s in he will have to give things back. OK phew I am not an out cast.

Eliza has stated “monkey music is boring” but each week asks “monkey music today?” “I love monkey music!” poor child I think she’s confused about the word boredom I’m hoping that lasts a bit longer I’m not ready to deal with “I’m bored” what does one do then?

Anyway you’d think I work for them, but I don’t I am just a very grateful mum who has the chance to take her kids to a fun class where they can actually learn to sit still, listen to a teacher, play in time (you listening Jerry). I get a welcome break despite busting some serious dance moves (you’d never know I was an extra as a dancer on moulin rouge) I get to sit and enjoy it. I get to see my kids holding hands, and sharing. I get be with other people who don’t follow me to the toilet or ask me for a drink. I like that.

It makes me want to go for an hour a day.  can’t wait for the new year and despite miss 3.5 stating “it’s boring” she has said “maybe we can go to Monkey Music again” She has said this about all her classes which is a good sign this means she wants more.

I’m hoping next year I can co-ordinate a few more classes for master J. He only has Monkey Music.

Life’s hard when you’re super-mum and have to tow along big sis. But we’ll get there. One day she’ll thank me and if she doesn’t well. I’ll take away her toys 😀

Monkey music fun for everyone!

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OMG I finally uploaded some pictures!
Look how my boy has changed!
And then He changed again had had his 1st Proper hair cut

Now then lets talk about Eliza

She is cracking me up lately – she also makes me wonder if in fact she was sent here by satan to see if I want to carry on living.

A few things she has said this week.

While driving I slammed my brakes on, no reason just felt like it.

Eliza said “careful mummy, you made the car jump and at the same time wrecked my hairstyle”

OMG I burst out laughing, your hairstyle? Right sorry forgot you spent errr 0 time doing it this morning.

Jeremiah was looking at some dirt on the floor.

Eliza pipes up “no,no. no my darling we don’t eat dirt do we” Wonder where she picked this up

And just this second
Jeremiah says “dis” meaning he wants booby
Eliza – “mummy you need to feed him right now”

& please if you read leave a message & your blog link if you have one (see previous post)


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