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We finally got our act together this past weekend & set the study up, it’s yet to be completed. I’ve been so tired since Sunday, the effort of emptying yet more boxes, taking shit up to the attic took it out of me.

But my work computer is all set up, I have all my photography goodies on here, I had some on the lap top but all my folders etc are on here! So without further ado, I dug out my Olympus E3 manual because I am a forgetful type & lazy so i think it’s good to refresh the grey matter. I also love to just sit & play with my camera find out what works what doesn’t the more one does this the more your hit rate of good pictures will occur.

Silly girl

Silly girl

Here is my charming daughter acting up for the camera, no more serious or nice pictures no saying “smile” or “Sit still” is never going to work & when I’m working  never say these words because kids are kids on their own time in their own place so I think we should capture that.

I give you my Son who see’s the camera coming out & demands “ME ME ME ME ME” jblogHe was in serious mid laughter here, you see the thing is I’m actually quite funny & can make kids & sometimes adults laugh it’s a true story ask anyone, want a belly laugh I’ll give you one.

I recently downloaded some free framing actions for photoshop I use CS4 but I would assume they work in all versions. love it, I’ve tweaked them for my own personal tastes.

I really enjoy photography, I am so glad I learned the way I did using film first. I’m so glad I can look through glorious Ansell Adams books & learn & be inspired.


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I’m going out later mainly to see how many paparazzi are outside Madonna’s home. I live the next street away from her in London, she’s never there really. I am so going to miss seeing all the famous people in this area, it’s a treat to see all the famous faces around here. I love fame can you tell. 😛

Until then I have to photograph my own bambinos.

I’m hoping to really start up some work once I move out to the burbs depending on Unal’s job situation and other life events, IE we want more babies.

anyhoo the new CS4 and lightroom are rocking my socks, which is amazing as I am a bare foot hippy most of the time.

Unal managed to delete over 5000 images of mine today I’m thrilled as you can imagine, never mind I have them saved in lightroom AMAZINGLY he didn’t delete the ones of Eliza’s birth, if he had of there he would be a candidate for the pain Olympics, hey if you have never heard of pain Olympics look it up when your kids have gone to bed and have a bucket close by. SHOCKING

Honestly my kids get on so well but trying to get a shot of them together is a Olympic sport honestly it’s a F’ing nightmare!!!

I could only get one kid in focus!!!

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I am having a shocking time there’s no question what with moving house, having a teething toddler and a 3 year old and a husband who is out of work and studying his brains out, I am almost losing the will to live.

Until one morning Unal said he had bought me CS4 and the new lightroom this was about 4 days ago. I’ve just had time to sit down and take some pictures and play with them. I took them last week. So far, due to baking a cake and playing board games with Eliza I have played with one picture! WHOO go me…!

wondering what working out in the burbs will be like?

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