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The car was filthy yet again, every Friday I try to clean it, but you know sometimes you just can’t be bothered or you just didn’t get time, I usually fall under the 1st. My husband complained,As usual as we all piled in that saturday morning about my lack of care for my car and the fact I throw bags of snacks to the kids. As he says “creating more work for yourself” I disagreed I was happy the kids were quiet for five freaking minutes I didn’t care it took 30 minutes to clean up. It WAS worth it.

He then said “I don’t want my kids eating that crap anymore” I proclaimed it wasn’t crap, and it was in fact OK” after much studying of backs of said snack packets. He said “I’d like you to stop giving the kids the snacks” I found this HIGHLY annoying as he is at work and I am the one at home looking after them, I am the one who has to put up with them in the car telling me they are hungry and all that jazz.

I had to comply we’re a team I expect him to adhere to my ideas and I have to let him in on one or two a year we have to be fair here :p

I fed my children from the Organix range of “healthy snacks” in case you were wondering.

Two months on

My children who have always been good eaters have changed. They now demand fruit instead of anything else for a snack, if I have no fruit they want nut & dried fruits. Their behaviour has become SO much easier to deal with. I can’t quite get over that little fact. Now TWO months on I have had to tell my husband what a massive improvement it has made on his spawn. And I had to mutter it under my breath and in a mumbled way.

In fact it has improved their diet in many other ways. Their appetite went up. There taste buds wanted to seek tasty food, their little food brains opened up to spices and flavours. It’s now becoming a real treat to cook meals and have everyone enjoy it ALL of it.

Now in the car they eat Popcorn made at home just plain olde popcorn. that Eliza is in charge of and hands it to Jerry, They eat some fruit before a journey and if we’re on a long trip we have sandwiches, usually cheese and sometimes Salmon.

Velly intellisting  try it you might be surprised!


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JerryGoodness isn’t he scrumptious.A while back I mentioned I’d talk about his necklace.

I first heard about Amber teething necklaces when I lived in Australia and had Eliza. Eliza was a late teether and despite her being a nightmare I never invested in one. HUGE MISTAKE

Yeah I hear you “hippy mum”

So when Jerry started teething I thought I’ll see how it goes he got his two teeth at 8ish months I think. And then two more followed and then when he was about 13 months two more and then at 15months 1 more and so far that’s it so at 18 months he has 7 teeth. A bad attitude and dribble. Bit like his father after a long day and me most mornings. The attitude and the drool got worse and I thought. Hell I have tried every single teething gel and powder and every single idea in the world. But I haven’t tried those necklaces.

SO I ordered one and it was like a light switch. He slept, he stop dribbling it was AMAZING….

After 2 weeks I forgot to put it on one day and he was miserable and horrid and then he started pulling at his neck and yelling at me. I was clueless & then I thought THE NECKLACE!!! I had forgotten to put it back on after his bath. Yes he sleeps in it. Shoot me

In Switzerland they sell them for 5 euros in the chemists they barely use teething gels or powders most babies wear these necklaces from 4+ months. WHY?

Because they work.

You may be doubtful I was, but until you try it hold your cynical self in a tight corner.

They even work for grown ups on other ailments.

Yours in Amberville

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OMG I finally uploaded some pictures!
Look how my boy has changed!
And then He changed again had had his 1st Proper hair cut

Now then lets talk about Eliza

She is cracking me up lately – she also makes me wonder if in fact she was sent here by satan to see if I want to carry on living.

A few things she has said this week.

While driving I slammed my brakes on, no reason just felt like it.

Eliza said “careful mummy, you made the car jump and at the same time wrecked my hairstyle”

OMG I burst out laughing, your hairstyle? Right sorry forgot you spent errr 0 time doing it this morning.

Jeremiah was looking at some dirt on the floor.

Eliza pipes up “no,no. no my darling we don’t eat dirt do we” Wonder where she picked this up

And just this second
Jeremiah says “dis” meaning he wants booby
Eliza – “mummy you need to feed him right now”

& please if you read leave a message & your blog link if you have one (see previous post)


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Is it really a year since I said forget my homebirth! I think it is!

The time has been amazing, he is a healthy, happy boy he is very loving and loves to give as many cuddles as he gets. He loves to dish out the open mouthed kisses and blow raspberries on your tummy.

He walks very well now and occasionally tries to run that’s not going so well!

I think Eliza was about 15 months before she got her first bruise, with Jeremiah I think he was about 8 months.

My god that boy is everywhere, he is up and over the top of the sofa he climbs anything and everything, he hits and throws and shouts, having a girly girl and now a real boy the whole make up is so different.

He has about 15 words I would hazard a guess mainly CAR, Here, baa, row, pom (apple) peekaboo, no and some others :-/ with Eliza I wrote every times she farted down in her baby memory book, poor deprived 2nd child doesn’t have this!

He likes to be sung to and likes to to drawing given the chance.

He is still breastfed GOD if you’re reading hurry up with the self weaning or I will use the cabbage.

He is a champion eater and eats like crazy lucky we not living on rations. Although if we were that might be a good thing as then I’d give him mine and I’d lose weight!

He has 3 teeth and not much sign of any others coming soon. AH bless he is just so much fun and every one who knows him is infected by that lovely smile and personality he is a delight and I am delighted he’s in our lives!

Love you Baby J

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My kids

I have been thinking lately I haven’t taken many photo’s of other peoples children or my own. Just before Christmas I was so busy! I did decide to take my photography business down a notch. Eliza started to get upset when I was leaving to take photographs.

But I love it I love taking childrens pictures
Today I took some of my bambinos

I’m Sorry But I really hate my daughters hair lol She had lovely pigtails & pulled them out – she refuses to wear clips when 2 months ago we couldn’t leave the house without them. Clips could improve it so much!

How evil does she look here?! LOL
I applied a action here which I am in love with I do it to a few photo’s here & there never sure if anyone else likes it or not?
Bah who cares I do

Gwash how adorable are my kids I mean really?! They are cuter than yours, no they
And for those wondering there is 2 years & two months between my kids yet only 15 cms separate them & 1 kilo in weight. I am sure my kids are giants & one day they will eat me.

And last but not least Chopin sorry Jeremiah check out the motion blur. He was giving me a spectacular performance of Mozart. I think it was the Marriage of Figaro but really can’t be sure.
The End

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Ah dear

What a day we had yesterday.

Jeremiah had a gunky eye on Tuesday but I thought nothing of it. I assumed it could be a blocked duct. His coughing was worse than usual and all the mucus was brown and green, nice I know!

Wednesday both his eyes were SHOCKING it was like a continual expulsion of pus and I kept wiping his eyes and then less than 5 minutes would pass and I’d have to do it again. Poor baby was HATING me.

My friend offered for Eliza to play with her son while I took Jeremiah so I dropped Eliza off at my Friends house as the idea of taking her to the surgery when she isn’t sick was not a great idea and she would be bored as bat doo doo as we were going to have to wait as an emergency. So I thankfully only had to take Jeremiah.

The DR told me it was conjunctivitis and it was just his cold in his eyes? Er that would be conjunctivitis lol I demanded yes demanded he be given antibiotics and I am not a big medicine giver to children unless they need it. She asked me which drug did I want and how much did I want to administer per day? HELLO You are the DR I am the patient whatever I requested the most effective and least allergic one. I also got ointment for his eyes.

And a antibiotic for me as I have the sore throat from hell.

My friend helped me put the ointment in and then give his medicine where upon I cried all to much for me after no sleep the night before and having to battle it out with a DR.

Then later on I gave him his 2nd lot and wow the difference was amazing the pus reduced and he slept for the first time in more than 6 months he slept 2 hours on his own without coughing. It was amazing. I feel bad that I waited so long to get medication for his chest.

Here he is little trouper still happy

I had a early night with my two as my big boy Mr cool had gone to play Tennis, I get a SMS off him as he is leaving to say he “has had an accident, but he’s OK hurt his face and his neck” I mean really WTF “and did I need anything on his way home?”

I said no please come straight home so worried about his pretty face lol. He has a HUGE welt/burn on the back of his neck and a big red line across his face, he slid under the net and right where it’s bolted into the ground, they got a nurse on site and everything.

He came home all smiles and said he was fine and handed me a bunch of roses.

He really does drive me crazy some days but I love him so much. I can’t believe he didn’t come straight home he went and bought me flowers

Lets hope today is a little less ER style!

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War and peace

OK maybe not that dramatic but I couldn’t think of another title at 5.30am…

Yes you read right, Eliza set HER alarm clock to 4.15am didn’t wake her noooo woke us up in the next room she slept right through it!

So I decided to get up and edit some pictures of my two offspring. Most of the time they are all over each other.

They play so well together it’s fantastic, Jeremiah isn’t crawling yet which as a parent you know is a good and bad thing!
Often Eliza will ask “can you bring Jeremiah to my bedroom to play” and they play along side each other or together in there often. Of course I am never far away.

The other night Eliza bopped Jeremiah on the head and he is sporting his first bruise I was livid at Eliza for doing such a thing, we do not hit in this house she was very sorry and quietly went to her room.
He is fine though and it’s the first of many bumps I am sure. Hopefully that was the first and last from his sister!

other wise he might just get back at her and eat her all up

But most of the time the two of them love each other I hope to god that continues

Or Jeremiah will eat her.

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