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We went to  Strasbourg the other weekend, before we left as usual I looked what was to see and do in the area. Strasbourg is close to the German border and I read that Baden-Baden was a good little side trip, obviously the people suggesting this are people with no kids and have probably flown to Strasbourg. it’s about 45-60 mins from Strasbourg, so not far added a total of 3 and a bit hours to a trip. I read that the Altes Scholoss was the place to visit or the casino having money left over as all the shops were closed it was tempting to go, but we thought it more educational to look at a ruined castle.

It’s a bit of a steep climb into the ruined castle but if you’re fighting fit like us it’s a breeze :p it’s also free to visit.

The views are SPECTACULAR

Baden-Baden nestled in the Black Forest

My husband climbed right to the top of the castle, which is fine if you have older children, if you have 1 feral nearly two year old it’s a scary place that is filled with certain death. So we decided to stay on safe ground and explore. Jerry was happy with this idea.

Eliza kept asking if it was time to go to the cafe and led is back into the ruined castle, she knows the way YOU KNOW

I’m happy to let her take the lead and realise I am the one who is always right around here.

Few things we noticed, everyone speaks English and when you speak German like a 10 month old child they are even more willing to speak English to you. They remind me of Italians and Spanish where they seem to want to know and learn more English words, When in France I get a real impression I must speak French and perfectly and I speak like a 15 month old child in France a VAST improvement on my German.

One of the best things about traveling for weekend breaks like this is exposing the kids to new languages and we get them to also speak it. We even had to ask Eliza what a French word was as she had some French lessons and we were kind of hoping she remembered. She didn’t but that was a bit embarrassing having to ask your four year old if she knew what please was LOL

We’d really like to go back to Baden-Baden one day as it’s so beautiful there!


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Last weekend we went to Belgium. We caught the Eurotunnel from Folkstone and arrived in Calais VERY early it was only just becoming light. We were both a little tired, as we had been awake since 2.30am. You see Miss 3.5 joined us in bed and then woke us both up and we couldn’t sleep.

Anyay we flew down the freeway as best we could due to dense fog and arrived an hour after we got of the Eurotunnel. Isn’t that amazing? I think so. 3 hours before we had been in the UK and in 2 hours we had been in 3 countries lol I digress.

I booked the Hotel Navarra Best western I was a little worried but it was in the actual town and this was a good start I was hoping. It was to say the least above our expectations and the room was enormous they had on site parking and allowed us the next day to stay parked there so we didn’t have to go to a parking station. The first day we just wandered around

bruge17It is a very beautiful city, easy to walk around. It was heaving with Tourists OMG HEAVING there are horse and carts everywhere and for €35 you can ride in one, it’s totally worth it they tell you all the little nitty gritty stories about some of the older buildings which unless you were on a tour you wouldn’t know. The kids LOVED the horse ride goodness me absoulte highlight of the whole trip for Eliza

bruge26Ugh am I a yummy mummy or what check that muffin top out………

We bought some Lace, we felt compelled the tourist lace shops where everywhere. We’ve stuck it in the guest room so we rarely have to see the grandma affect to often. But we assume our guests will appreciate that little Belgie touch lol

We ate at a very nice seafood restaurant which when you have got a nearly 16 month old child who hates sitting down, who hates crowds, who hates pretty much anything you want him to do makes for a very long lunch and a lot of dirty looks. Unal drank his last beer on his own I think that says it all.

The people are fabulous just don’t let your kids out of your sight, no seriously. Seriously they are lovely people they all speak English better than any other foreign country I have been to, they are not offended when you don’t speak their native tongue immediately. Very welcoming.

bruge2I highly recommend visiting it’s small so the weekend was kind of enough really, but If you are staying in Brussels I would say it’s a place you don’t want to miss out on!

SMUK in travelbugsville

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Overwhelemd and stressed

God do you ever just want the world to stop spinning so you can get off?!

I’m totally having this feeling. To get organised for a holiday takes quite some effort. Firstly you have to decide on where you are going. This was fairly easy, Unal did most of the suggesting and I agreed we are like peas in a pod, I didn’t even question him I know he’d pick well.

I then had to review the area what there is to do, where is good to stay, of course taking into account we have a small budget but Champagne tastes. So we had to pick somewhere affordable, somewhere that caters for families, somewhere that was self catering, close to all we need, and with parking, and the possibility of getting breakfast if we want you know we want it all, not to mention WiFi.

Once I had found some suitable places I then had to use Google Maps and use street view, man-o-man has that caused some controversy not sure why, when there is friggen CCTV on ever corner you walk on in most major Cities and towns anyway I digress.

I love it you can see what the place is like, how far it is from the Beach – shops etc excellento.

Then you have to contact them and ask all about availability and possibly you might have to speak French or Spanish and this kinda sucks for someone with barely any of either, but we got there.

Then you have to check everything 4000 times as you know you forget stuff, make mistakes. Well boy did I make one, I gave the wrong number plate for our car for the Eurotunnel, DER…. I have that sorted out now.

I am now onto the travel insurance and finding out tailor made ones and generic ones finding one that we can afford that does all we want.

Why wasn’t I born rich?

I need a PA

Or a full time Nanny, I think that could cut down on some time, you know how hard it is to book a holiday with two kids licking and humping you legs?

Anyway I tell you the next week can not go quick enough.

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Well I think it is no secret in that the man of the house is now out of work, this is not unexpected, it’s still not a nice feeling but in usual fab four style we take these times in our stride & getting on with life. What else can you do.

So after arriving back here 2.5 years ago we have taken….lets see…..2 holidays? No 1 holiday NO in fact we have had zero holidays.

So we are going on our first holiday, as old friends know we love our road trips now in the past we’d drive 1000kms a day it was/is no issue. Throw in 2 kids things have changed a little!

So now we’re aiming for just over 500kms a day which is no issue we shall have lots of stops sure it won’t be fun at times but that will be over ridden with other things! So here’s our trip
*please click each destination name to learn more!
Our first stop will be in a City called Angers

And then we drive to San Sebastian

Sigh doesn’t it look divine there, I’m not sure I am going to be able to tear myself away!

The next day we drive to Toledo

For goodness sakes I mean how beautiful is it there?! I am very excited about going there, my Father lives there so we shall be spending a week with them, no doubt visiting surrounding areas and Madrid as well. very excited about this!

After we depart Espana we then drive back to France and we spend a week in

OMG we haven’t even left yet and I feel like I have died and gone to heaven. I can’t get over how blessed we are, I can’t believe we are getting to see these parts of the world. I am beside myself with excitement, I am excited to share this with the rest of the Family, I am stupidly excited to see old buildings, I have a fascination with architecture especially within the past 200-400 years.

I am excited that Unal will get to relax after working like a draft horse for the past 2.5 years I’m excited to not do housework & grocery shopping on grandscale each week. I’m excited to take photo’s!

I’m excited can you tell lol

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