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Moving house with children isn’t always easy. I think we’ve been very lucky in that both our children embrace the change. I hope to be able to share some top tips for moving house with children in some following posts and some top tips for us as parents to save our sanity.

This has been my most easiest move so far and that’s doing it on our own with two kids and me being pregnant and in quite a lot of pain with my ribs. So I am confident that I have some good advice!

But despite the easy bits the kids have found that mummy is quite busy and one way to get my attention is to fight and when mummy does talk,not to listen to her at all, resulting in more fighting and trips to the naughty corner and calming down area. Hey any attention even negative is good right?!

Eliza and I took some time out today to check the strawberries growing in our garden, we have LOADS she loved picking them!

Home grown Strawberries

Eliza is not very happy with this photo as her hair is a mess, she’d like to point out it’s having a crazy day LOL


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strawberries,home grown strawberriesOur garden is full of life, full of flowers and colours and insects and other exciting things.

Growing up in Devon and having a father who was a warden of a Nature Reserve I think must of had an effect on me. I love taking the kids into the garden and looking for bugs. Eliza’s faverioute things are Buttercups and Daisy’s and Spiders. Jerry’s are most definitely not insects. He doesn’t mind Spiders, very scared of bees. No idea why never been stung. Loves smelling flowers and digging in the soil.

In March we planted potatoes. And here they are almost ready to harvest, harvest? is that the right word? ready to dig up? lol who knows.

Potato plant

The children love that we have strawberries and potatoes growing in the garden. The excitement of waiting and watching the grow and ripen is really great for them. Eliza is very excited and checks daily to see if the potatoes have flowers yet, so we can dig them up and cook them.

The garlic and parsley are growing really well too.

If you have a garden, get the kids involved they love dirt and love seeing things grow!

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I had a AWFUL weekend. If Kleenex are reading I need more tissues.

I did some gardening late Sunday afternoon. This was a veggies patch when we moved in so they told us. There were some potatoes in there and there is some rhubarb at the end but that was it. So I ripped out all the old plants which were dead, yes they were dead, not just dormant before you start climbing up on your gardening soapbox. I turned the soil, rid it of all weeds and found some mint along the way, which I re-planted in my raised flower/herb bed.  I then thought about planting veggies, but in reality I am pretty sure the people who own this place are going to sell, so I thought I am not growing veggies putting in the hard yard and then not being able to use them, so I just planted a row of Potatoes as they will grow hopefully before/if we have to leave and I turned it into a flower bed.

I had basically demanded that my husband take Eliza out to the garden centre, I had been promising her I would take her for the last half of last week, but was unable to as Jerry was so sick, he was still very sick and I was beside myself with exhaustion and emotional hormonal issues. So he left for his own safety with her. They bought pansies, primroses, and some other small things miniature pansies who knows but they are in the ground too.

The sun has started to find it’s way back to the Northern Hemisphere and moved a little closer to the earth. The flowers are growing the smell of spring is close The mornings are a little lighter and the evenings too. I’ve been incredibly homesick for Australia. I See friends pictures who are sitting on their decks in the lightest summer dresses they can find. Sipping sangria by the pool. I miss that. I have realised I don’t really miss the unbearable humidity in Sydney I do how ever miss the warmth I miss feeling the sun on my skin.

See Spring really is coming!


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One thing I wanted when we moved to Suburbia was a little veggie patch. The house we’re renting actually had a raised area in which “apparently” was potatoes, Rhubarb, Rosemary and some unidentified weeds. I read up about Potatoes and what would you know the ones in the patch were apparently ready to be dug up…


I gave up on that patch and tidied it up and turned the soil. I’ve since bought some pre-made (I just typed MAID guess what I’d like) anyway I bought this and my husband made them up and I filled it with compost and rich new soil and then added my own herbs. Thyme,Rosemary,Parsley,Mint and Basil. I love having fresh Rosemary to use when I cook lamb a speciality of mine. I love some mint tea twice a year and my husband loves to make Tomatoes – basil – olive oil-pepper – mozzarella OH YES can we get a plate of that to go!

Hopefully they do well and thrive.

The kids love to helpkids digging, I try to get them involved as much as possible with gardening, I think it helps with focusing,keeping calm, working together and learning about the process of plants & herbs from garden to the dining table.


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As you can see I’ve changed my blog name. I really think this is a little more suited to me and my life so hopefully everyone can bookmark it, and visit us!

So yes we moved house nearly 3 weeks ago the move went very, very smoothly I highly recommend OIS removals within the London area if you are moving the men were polite, happy to do anything, and worked hard and quickly. And the price was fabulous!

The children adjusted well I was apprehensive to a degree on how Eliza would manage, but she slipped into her new home like she had always lived here. We have a 100ft Garden with a gated private playground at the back, which the kids love to use daily.

We are doing a lot with the garden. it’s been left for over 4 months so needs lots of work. I am creating a childrens gardening area will be great be sure to keep an eye on tips and pictures!

I am also in the process of signing them all up for classes, wow things are a lot cheaper in Kent than London!

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