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Zucchini Cupcakes

OK wait come back!!! Honestly before you run away scared about vegetables and nice things stay and find out more!

I have heard you can disguise veggies in food. I do this sometimes, very rarely as my kids are pretty good with food unless it’s cooked to death and ends up like a plate of phlegm (sorry but it’s true) Bet your mother did this to you with Aubergine and Courgettes. I have to use the English terminology I call them Eggplant and Zucchini it’s the Aussie in me.


So I thought lets try Zucchini and I don’t even like it, Eliza doesn’t like it, Husband isn’t fond and Jerry well he has worms so he eats anything.

So I grated a whole fat large Zucchini and mixed it into a batch of normal cupcake mixture for 12 cupcakes. And the result was moist delicious cupcakes. And the next day even the top was moist, it wasn’t sticky, and the cakes hadn’t gone brown they were just the same as the day before. And the kids LOVED them. I have a feeling you can try lots of different veggies, but this is the only one I’ve tried.

Had a few people ask me how to make them, here’s what I do, it’s very technical so try to keep up 😀

So make a batch of cupcake mixture I always use this one as it’s so healthy HAHAHA NOT I have never ever watched one episode of SATC either.

Then mix in the zucchini and bake as you would normally 20-30 mins at 170C and bingo you have Zucchini goodness.


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shiny new cookware

A few weeks ago my husband was between jobs and had a week off. I decided to run him ragged at the shops. Luckily for me the guy LOVES shopping, possibly more than your average female. In fact he likes it so much I rarely go without him and I never buy anything without him being with me, mainly because I am completely unaware of what looks good on me. He will come and help me pick clothes he looks at stitching and hemming and all that jazz and he does the same for the kids. And himself but he rarely shops for himself.

He’s also pretty into what we use in the kitchen for a long time I’ve had a broken food processor and I really, reallllllly wanted a new one. I’ve also really, realllly wanted some nice dishes to serve food to people. Since we moved to Suburbia we’ve had people over so much more for lunches then we ever did living in central London.

I was serving food to people in several different looking bowls some we’ve had for well over 10 years some not so long and while there is nothing wrong with that, it was bugging the OCD in me to put on a meal and serve several things in matching dishes. I knew immediately I wanted Le Creuset I could cook in them and bring them straight to the table. I could serve every thing in all the same style of dish and colour 😀

So we went off to the shops and I picked out several different sizes of stoneware in Orange I got several of the rectangular dishes in sizes 19cm -26cm and 32cm

I use the 32cm the most making fish pies and sheperds pie in them almost weekly. There is only ever enough for one meal left over from this size. If I know I am making something the kids won’t eat I use the slightly smaller 26cm one as that is perfect size for 2 adults.

I also bought some Ramekins. I am not entirely sure why I think the idea of making little pies in them and serving them along with salads and the like could be a nice presentation to a meal. I might try and break out into making desserts which I don’t do, I usually get guests to bring that part or I buy one! Or they will serve well as bowls for a Antipasto afternoon.

They range in price from £15 – £30 so not to bad on the purse. They can go in the dishwasher but I haven’t, they clean so easily!

So if you’re looking for some new funky cookware go get some. I’d love to say this is a sponsored post and I have some to  do a giveway but I don’t 😀

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For this recipe you might find it handy to have a helper or two, or you might find it is easier to do alone!

You will need 4-5 medium sized banana’s slightly ripe, I am not a fan of “ripe” banana’s you know where they are black and the skin is wafer thin *vomit* so I like them a little spotty so bit firm, not smelly (this is starting to sound dirty)

Mash all the Banana's

Then Add the sugar and the lightly beaten egg to the bananas.

In a seperate bowl mix the flour and baking soda and salt.

then add them all to the bananas

Mix the flour and bananas together

When it’s all mixed nicely with a few lumpy bits of banana in there stop and get your muffin tray ready.

Muffin tray ready to be filled!

For a experiment, I added walnuts to a smaller batch, Jerry loves nuts much like a squirrel.

Walnut boy

Then bake them for exactly 20 mins at 170C

banana muffins

And then try to only eat one.


4-5 slightly ripe  medium sized bananas

1.5 cups of self raising flour

1 T-spoon of baking soda

A pinch of salt

1 Egg

1/2 cup of Caster sugar

For the walnut ones I grabbed a handful and crushed them in my bare hands because I like to feel strong every now and again and took enough mixture for 6 muffins and added them to that.

Bake for 20 minute and voila firm yet fluffy deeeeelicious muffins!

Enjoy let me know if you bake them and how yummy they were!

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I am not a fabulous cook, I mean no one has gotten sick for ages so I’m not that bad. But still I could improve vastly especially when it comes to preparation and using all the ingrediants a recipe asks for. There is always one bloody thing I don’t have I mean what are people meant to do plan ahead or something?

Last week we cooked Pancakes for Pancake Tuesday. I took no photographs so I’d like to thank Allrecipes for theirs and the recipe too!

Mine had a few more black spots on them, but only when I cooked my husbands, we had a argument over it & I sulked but really cares they tasted so good I ate 5 extra for a friend who’s on a diet at the moment 😀


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