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A few weeks ago I had a real whinge on twitter about my lack of sleeping and how I was really uncomfortable at night, I then got a very sweet message from the girls at Dreamgenii offering me a chance to try out the pillow! OH YES PLEASE I said!

As soon as it arrived I wanted to go to bed, I was in fact exhausted but I had ZERO chance of getting a nap, I was in the middle of packing a house and looking at the children. A early night beckoned and I was swaddled up in the pillow by 10pm and for some work of god, Jeremiah slept through the night, something he has only recently started to do. so I got 7 hours sleep I woke up and felt like I was 18 again. Until I heard 2 small children.

Several nights in and I was starting to be much more comfortable and sleeping longer periods due to actually being comfy.


  • It is compact and can be put away easily if you are one to have your room all neat and tidy.
  • It doesn’t interfere with your other bed mate unlike another pillow I have which is like a bolster
  • It has a pillow slip which is washed like any other
  • The back support is great
  • I’m sure I will use it as a nursing pillow as well


  • I wish it was just a tad firmer especially between the knees and back support I’m talking a tad more!

Overall I really like using it and think if you are heavily pregnant or just starting to get restless at night then get one!

You can order them from the Dreamgenii Website and they retail at £44.99


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Today I checked the daily mail as I normally do, always like to keep up with the celebrity rag side of it and of course the very informative, well written current affair aticles today I see this . And rolled my eyes.

I am what you could call “one of those women” I breastfed my daughter for 2 years and 4 months she stopped ,mutually she had had enough and I had definitely had enough. During my pregnancy, I had people telling me, she didn’t need it, stop it, she’s to old, it’s just wrong I had a terrible time with breastfeeding aversion and despised feeding her yet I did it as I felt I couldn’t deny her right and that one day it would be a vague memory and it is, I am currently still breastfeeding my 21 month old and I am pregnant again and luckily nothings changed.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion I respect that and they should respect my choices and my child’s. BUT I NEVER rammed it down peoples throats and acted like a extended breastfeeding nazi as we are sometimes called.

This breast v bottle debate has been going on long enough. I was bottle fed as I was adopted despite issues in my life I attribute them to my childhood, not how I was fed in my first few months. At least I wasn’t starved.

I like breastfeeding. Why? I am lazy to be blunt, I can’t be bothered making, sterilising bottles during the day and getting up in the night with my child to feed them, I’d much rather get my boob out and let the baby feed and go back to sleep with them next to me in bed. Sometimes I put them back in their bed more often than not I don’t as that might require me to actually move and get up.But it’s what works for me and my family so there’s no issue with it. It has nothing to do with you or anyone else how I choose to feed my child. And I have no plans to tell you how to feed yours. Personally however I don’t think I could keep going after the age of 3 but that is just me.

At what point will women just take a look at one another and say “you’re doing a great job” some people have issues with breastfeeding they could of been sexually abused as a child, they could of just simply not wanted to breastfeed. Doesn’t make them wrong or heartless or uncaring, and people such as myself who choose to breastfeed past the “norm” are doing anything wrong, selfish or weird either we’re doing what suits us as a family.

So do you think we could do that?

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Eliza at 3 months

Eliza at 3 months

Can you believe it..really can you?…

Those who know me in what is commonly referred to as “real life” know that I am a like a cow, I am a lactating machine and I fed my 1st baby for 2 years and 3 months, this means I breastfed her during pregnancy a place I never want to ever go again, it was horrible, no actually make that horrific, I hated it with a passion, but I did it, because I am weak in that, my baby liked it so I let her. Jeremiah is also a bit of a booby boy. He has just turned 15 months and shows little signs of giving up, but mostly he’s still very happily feeding. Once again I am at a point where I actually don’t like it, don’t enjoy it. But my being weak hasn’t changed and he likes it so I continue to feed him. I better go to heaven.

I have been so lucky with breastfeeding I never had any issues despite the myth behind c/sections and breastfeeding. I got a couple of blocked ducts first and 2nd time around due to enormous supply. But never anything to worry about, until Sunday night that is…..

I woke up trembling with fever, I was unable to keep still I painfully made myself get up and take panadol I then waited a agonizing 15 minutes and the shaking stopped, my boob was on FIRE… The pain was so bad, I knew this was more than a blocked duct, I woke Jeremiah up and put him on to feed, he was totally not up for it and screamed and cried and demanded the other one, I refused and he finally latched on and it was the worst breastfeeding of my 3.5 years of feeding.

I know I have mastitis, my entire body hurts, my wrists ache, My head is heavy, my boob is on fire, it has a reddish, black area on it, very attractive. I am hoping and praying it goes. I really don’t want to go to the DR, I’m not registered yet, I would have to take my 2 kids with me into a dr’s waiting room, I won’t get an appointment for another 2 weeks anyway as firstly I’m not registered and then they never have any appts left. I’ll be better by then or dead.

Honestly why now……..?

yours in burninghotboobsville

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Is it really a year since I said forget my homebirth! I think it is!

The time has been amazing, he is a healthy, happy boy he is very loving and loves to give as many cuddles as he gets. He loves to dish out the open mouthed kisses and blow raspberries on your tummy.

He walks very well now and occasionally tries to run that’s not going so well!

I think Eliza was about 15 months before she got her first bruise, with Jeremiah I think he was about 8 months.

My god that boy is everywhere, he is up and over the top of the sofa he climbs anything and everything, he hits and throws and shouts, having a girly girl and now a real boy the whole make up is so different.

He has about 15 words I would hazard a guess mainly CAR, Here, baa, row, pom (apple) peekaboo, no and some others :-/ with Eliza I wrote every times she farted down in her baby memory book, poor deprived 2nd child doesn’t have this!

He likes to be sung to and likes to to drawing given the chance.

He is still breastfed GOD if you’re reading hurry up with the self weaning or I will use the cabbage.

He is a champion eater and eats like crazy lucky we not living on rations. Although if we were that might be a good thing as then I’d give him mine and I’d lose weight!

He has 3 teeth and not much sign of any others coming soon. AH bless he is just so much fun and every one who knows him is infected by that lovely smile and personality he is a delight and I am delighted he’s in our lives!

Love you Baby J

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I just watched this video about Salma Hayek
Amazing video

I fed Eliza for 2 years & 2 months I fed her for as long as she wanted. I enjoyed feeding her until about 1 year old after that is was a burden I hated it – I loved it.
Eliza at 3 months


I then got pregnant & breastfed through my entire pregnancy something I never ever want to do again. I had major breastfeeding aversion I hated her feeding, I resented her, I hated myself for allowing her to continue just a self proving point of what a weak person I am. But I was proud so proud doing something for so long knowing not many children get this opportunity in life. But all the while struggling with the emotions of not having my own body, feeling like Eliza owned me.

The day Jeremiah was born was the first night we had spent separated, it meant she wasn’t fed to sleep like she had been for 2 years, that first night I cried tears of happiness at the safe arrival of Jeremiah & I cried & cried knowing she would be beside herself with distress missing me not knowing why I wasn’t there feeding her.

She transitioned well with Jeremiah feeding really well I was really happy she understood everything I had explained about babies & breastfeeding & when he was 3 weeks old she just said “I am finished Jennamya can have booby” And that was it. She had self weaned. What I had always wanted I just wish it was a shorter time lol

But the reason of the post is to celebrate breastfeeding if you enjoy it or not. I do and I don’t I think what Salma Hayek did was truly beautiful. & it should be celebrated


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