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Eliza is turning 4 soon and while she has always, ALWAYS been frightfully independent she has lately decided to be come also incredibly lazy.

She’ll quite happily admit that is it’s because “mum will do it anyway” and I guess I do with some things, others like putting your dirty clothes in the basket at the end of the day, NO. You have to do that.

I’ve always had a drawer or a cupboard with their plates & cups etc in I know kids like to play in the kitchen cupboards, so I’ve made sure there is one safe one. But in my kitchen I have some open shelving next to their table where they eat. I placed all their things (except beakers) on this shelf. Now they are totally in control of laying their table & helping themselves to the cutlery.

Things I expect

Put your toys away before bath time.

Put all toys next to the shed in the garden for me to put away

Put your dirty clothes in the basket

Put your clean socks/vests/pants in your drawers in the right place.

Take your cups to the kitchen & your dirty plates.

Eliza & Jerry are both pretty good on this. They love putting their clean clothes away & are very polite I get lots of thank you’s for washing & ironing.

I do have to constantly ask for them to tidy up, I always help them & make a game of it, “I bet I’m the quickest” which means the highly competitive Eliza must win & she works very fast.

I also moved Eliza’s clothes to a lower hanging wardrobe so she can reach her clothes and get dressed herself, she still has a lot of trouble getting dressed, but she loves the independence of picking her clothes for the day. All the nice stuff party dresses, expensive clothes are in another wardrobe where she can’t reach.

All training for September when she starts school and I will then have a new baby and a toddler and her to all get out the door in time for the school bell!

What have you done/doing to help your child gain independence?


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My daughter the one with no cares in the world, the life of a nearly four year old.

Last week while sat on a peak hour train, a man got on and removed his gloves using his teeth his other hand was holding a cup of coffee and a pastry and tucked under the same arm a newspaper. Eliza pipes up loudly so the carriage could hear “why is that man eating his gloves” I look around the carriage, not really sure who she is talking about but see the guy who says to her “I didn’t get time to eat my breakfast, so I am eating my gloves” which is  met with “that’s silly” she then continues to look out the window passing comment on everything she sees. Then the gentleman blew his nose, now it was pretty funny, it was VERY loud. Eliza bursts out laughing and says “that was a funny noise that man made” and then Her brother pipes up “to funny” and then they both pretend to blow their noses making enormous noise. The whole carriage errupts into laughter except me and the man, I am trying to leave the train but it’s to packed so I am trapped with my kids.

Yesterday she saw someone with a rather large nose

The man was talking to her he was down low and not only did she tap it twice, she then said “WOW YOUR NOSE IS REALLY, REALLY BIG”

I pretended I heard nothing as I am a shining example of how one should behave in these situations. and Chatted to Jerry. :/

Afterwards I said “darling we really shouldn’t tell people they have big noses”

“why? “He DID have a big nose”

“true, but he knows (nose) that and he doesn’t need us to tell him

“why don’t people like hearing that they have a big nose when they have a big nose”

“who nose darling, but really people might get upset”

“Oh, but why, he did have a big nose”

“yes but not everyone is happy with their noses, so it’s best not to talk about the way people look”

“oh OK”

That was the 3rd time in as many weeks she has mentioned peoples features, activities etc, two weeks ago she told a guy in the mall how he was REALLY, REALLY old, yes he was but he had the ears of an owl and heard her and came back over to have a chat about “old” people.

good times

I hate the fact I’m having to teach her that people aren’t happy with their looks, it’s a little piece of that innocence on it’s way out

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My husband has never been to Greenwich park so we decided with his week off work we’d go, it was quite bracing out. But the sun was shining the birds were tweeting and I had a HUGE urge to do some photography.

No one will notice me with this

Lucky for me/us we both love photography. So we both look like a couple of tourists where ever we go, although I tend to look a little more paparazzi with the huge lens.

Still I have to look a bit dicky to get what I want

She looks like she’s doing a hair advert here, Eliza is very over me taking her photograph, most pictures I get of her are sneaky, or of her back.

Eliza is one of the most lazy children you’ll ever meet, she would still be in a stroller if we let her, she likes to rest as much as possible and complains after walking 100 yards.


Jerry would walk around the world twice if he could.

No matter where she is, he's right behind her

And I hope they are always there for each other…

Love you

We’re big on hugging in this family & photography.

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Today little Eliza has been very excitable. She has been excited ALL day. For reasons only she knows I think.

Tonight she went a little nuts along with her brother, they scrambled over the sofa in the lounge over and over again, I left for 5 minutes and came back to all 6 cushions on the floor, Daddy fast loosing the will to live close by.

I got them to fix the sofa up and then sat down, Eliza had a wand in her hand which she promtly knelt on and snapped, so I told her to put it in the bin as it was now dangerous and sharp, off she went and like a puppy, Jerry follows her, this is normal where she goes he goes they are quite inseperable.

She comes RACING back into the lounge swiftly followed by Jerry, and then for some bizzare reason, I think it has something to do with childhood and the lack of forward thinking, she turns on her heels and runs straight at him, knocking him flying, backwards and headfirst into the Marble fireplace, which despite a fireguard was thankfully not on.

Jerry (Obviously) screams his lungs out, Eliza looks terrified and I do my barbarian act and she does as she is told (for once) and scuttles off to her bedroom. Luckily, thank GOD Jerry was a bit bruised but no actual gaping wounds.

We then go up to see Eliza and get a apology off her to Jerry and when that’s all done, I point out a 2″ scar slap bang in the middle of my forehead where I split it open around the age of 2-3 years old. I was running in our kitchen and slipped on the beautiful lino into a huge thick wooden door and split the skin and got 4 stitches.

I reminded her that although I did that myself, that, that could of easily happened to Jerry tonight. She was all wide eyed and very sorry for not looking where she was going. And then she said

“Did Daddy trip you up into the door and you split you head open?”


No darling I ran into the door myself, I didn’t even know daddy then.

“but who did it mummy, was it Jerry?”


No Eliza I slipped all on my own into the door.

“was it your mummy who pushed you?”

No!! Listen Eliza, CAREFULLY



I really felt like doing it again after that conversation

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TV watching

Do you let your kids watch TV? I do. I let them watch about 2 hours a day, sometimes they watch even more, they like to watch 1 hour of something or other in the morning and the same in the evening. I am not afraid to admit I use it as a babysitter. I don’t have any hired help, and the TV does a good job and sometimes, not often they learn something. They both love the Green Balloon Club and You can Cook. Jerry really likes In the Night Garden and Eliza loves Angelina Ballerina.

We also have an abundance of Movies, a lot of them are for us as a family. I love sitting down with them both and watching “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs” and “Tinkerbell” or “Wall-E” we love it Wednesday is our family movie night. Tonight we are going to watch “UP” the kids love it all on the sofa together. lots of chatter and lots of cuddles. Might even make some popcorn and serve it in little cones.

I wasn’t allowed to watch TV as a child, maybe a good thing maybe not, I don’t really see how it has affected me  if at all. I barely watch TV now though I like to watch my favourite soap, Eastenders, I love home renovation shows which is weird as I have no desire to ever buy a house. I also enjoy Britains got Talent and X-factor it sort of ends there. But I do LOVE my Movies. and we have about 500 of them.

What’s your favourite movie and how much TV do you watch? Do you allow your kids to watch TV?

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As told by Eliza age 3 and 9 months

One day a man decided he wanted to see what was in a volcano, so he went to Africa, he found the biggest one he could and walked up, and then fell in…….

POOF hot lava came out and lots of smoke and ash


POOF smoke and ash again

He climbed out and he didn’t feel well, he slid down to the ground and he was very, very burnt, but not dead.

The end…

I love how her little imagination is coming along 😀

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To say I have found the age of 3 challenging might be a understatement. I don’t think I have felt frustration so often in my entire life. I get incredibly angry, I get incredibly disillusioned with my parenting, I cry, I lay awake thinking at night about where I went wrong. How did I handle this or that, was that right was it wrong. Unal and I have different approaches to discipline which makes for some arguments and lack of consistency which as I am sure everyone knows is a downfall, a child needs consistency. He tells me often I am to soft or relaxed, I tell him I am the superior carer and the mother and I am home and I have to put up with them longer so therefore I am in charge. To say he rarely gets a look in on many things from where our children sleep to what they eat would be a understatement I really run the show.

But I am reaching a point where I feel like I am loosing control of my anger and mental state and that Eliza and Jeremiah will grow up with not knowing that if you whine enough you get it, if you push someone, yeah someone might tell you off but hey big deal.

This past week I’ve really had to think about what I am doing and what I should be doing.

Unal and I had a heated debate, I was told to shutup a few times and listen which is not my strong point like I said “I’m the mother” We both agreed that we have to be consistent. Of course we are both are right in our approaches but now it’s putting them together and making sure we both do the same thing.

After much thought I think I can be to soft and inconsistent. lets have some examples.

Eliza pushes Jeremiah if he goes near her little ponyville crap, he cries I go in. she admits straight away what has happened. I tell Jeremiah those are her precious things and he must play with something else, or I say, Eliza can you share “NO” could he have 1 pony? sometimes she says yes sometimes no. Which is fine, we as adults don’t like sharing our favourite things ALL the time.

I then point Jerry in another direction & get on with it. Then I will hear more crying I go back and she may of got up and just pushed him in case he comes to try and touch ponyville crap. This is just not on and here is where I go wrong. Here’s a list of how I react to the same situation

I tell her calmly we don’t push, if she goes to school and pushes she’ll have no friends and the teachers will be angry

I make her say sorry hug and make up

I take away her toys

I send her to her room

I shout and say I just told you this, why am I telling you again

I occasionally smack her hand and make her sit on the stairs

I give her many different reactions all the time to the SAME situation and I do it a lot with all different things, I guess she doesn’t know what “mummy will do today” which is why I have a constant battle.

Unal’s take on the same situation is this

“Eliza we don’t push, go to your room now”

She puts up a fight and this is because I am sure she was expecting some other events to happen and they didn’t

But she wont push again for the rest of the day, after Daddy has punished her.

NOW I put that down to him being a bit scary as he isn’t here as much, he puts it down to being consistent with his reactions to the same behaviour, she rarely pushes Unal she knows exactly what will ensue.

I am going to try and be a bit more consistent this week, I am really starting to think I might actually end up in a mental institution if I don’t get her behaviour under control.

It’s not just the pushing,she whines about pretty much everything, she screams at me when she wants something and I say no, she stamps her foot and says “I said yes and I want it now”

one word “spoilt” she is very spoilt and there is only us to blame.

I’ll report back in a week unless I am tied up in my straight jacket.

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