Master J at 4 weeks old

Ever since he was 4 weeks old and cried pretty much non stop for a week, I’ve said he’ll be the one who we’re taking to the A&E the most, I can see it now!

I think perhaps I tempted fate.

In the past 2 weeks I have been to the A&E four times. Firstly he fell and split his chin. Personally I wanted him to have stitches, but was told nowadays children don’t have stitches as they wiggle so much and glue is just as good if not better. 4 hours later I was back getting the glue re-applied as he had rubbed it off. I asked for stitches again, he was laying as still as a doorstop for the glue, but no told the same thing. We all know it’s cost cutting.

I huffed and puffed as she put a huge band aid over the glue and I said that will be off before we get to the car! And it was and several hours later so was the glue. So me being me steri-stripped it and did that day and night, he’s teething and constantly wet the glue just didn’t have a chance!

Then on the weekend we went to a friends house, and they have one of those big trampolines with the safety net thing. Jerry loves them. We don’t have one for the simple reason we’re paranoid parents and know accidents happen and there’s enough in the home without adding more. Like I said Jerry loves them and he was on it as soon as we arrived. Once more kids got on we should of got him off, me and my husband both said better get him off, and “look at him, he thinks he’s one of the big kids” but we let him stay on there he was having such a good time.

We both sat facing the trampoline, little while later I hear Jerry screaming and crying and sent my husband to get him, he was holding his arm all funny, I said to my husband. ” I think his arm is broken” and was told “you said that would happen in the car on the way here. I checked him all over asking him where it hurt, but within 5 minutes his tears had stopped and he got back on the trampoline and continued happily bouncing around.

So we though he must of just bumped himself and he was OK.

Sunday came he was holding his arm a little bit, but no bruising and he didn’t complain about any pain.

Monday came and he had, had a very unsettled night, he’s just started sleeping through as well! So I closely watched him for a couple of hours he was barely using his arm, he couldn’t hold any toys with any weight in his and, he couldn’t grab my hand and he couldn’t straighten it.

So I took him to the ER 7 hours we spent there. He was incredibly well behaved and a “big boy” as I am pregnant I couldn’t stay with him in the x-ray he sat there all alone with his arm on the x-ray plate as still as anything for a good 5 minutes for his x-rays. 4 hours later we were sent home with a “nothing is wrong” but no improvement in 2 days bring him back.

Last night my husband and I were beside ourselves with worry he flinched if you touched it, now had a black bruise around it. I contacted a friend who is a DR and asked him his thoughts. And went back to the ER this morning EARLY armed. Actually got asked if I was medically trained LOL

So here’s what happened. Jerry got his x-ray done by someone who does childhood x-rays. They checked it and so did the DR. They saw nothing so sent me home.

Here’s what SHOULD of happened All the above except in the middle a radiologist is meant to check the x-ray and report to the DR, this didn’t happen. Apparently until they think the next day. And their report is saying that the humerus close to the elbow is surrounded in fluid and has significant swelling and bruising. Due to the difficulty of x-rays in small children and the angles the did they can’t see a fracture, but the fluid suggests that there is one at the base of the humerus. Probably a greenstick. He should of been put into a sling, as this is the normal treatment in children and adults. Then as an adult you use it as much as possible rest when needed. Children naturally either use it or don’t. So as he is now using it,no sling and to carry on as normal.

Except my gorgeous boy is left handed.  We can’t afford for him to not have full mobility in that arm. So after placing my concerns onto the DR at the A&E and basically saying I don’t care about “I think it will be OK” I want to see a Paediatric Ortho DR, my wish was granted. After this was organised he went and spoke to a Ortho DR and then came back to me and has said he’ll probably need physio to gain full mobility back into his dominant arm.

I can’t tell you how frustrated I am at the fact I had to return to the A&E to get this information. Nor the fact I have to actually get bossy and say I want a Ortho DR. It’s just stupid in my eyes.

So hopefully all will be fine and in a few months he’ll have full mobility in his arm. In the mean time it’s been great in other ways. Eliza who pushes him away a lot has become a lot more friendly as she “doesn’t want to break his arm” LOL


I miss you

Seems like a strange title for this weeks gallery post for Tara Cains Gallery but it’s how I feel. This week is all about Nature.

Australia I miss you.

I Really do miss you and how diverse you are. I have traveled your lands,and smelled you as the rain has hit uluru. I have stood in rainforests and been amazed by the ferns and the incredibly tall trees, I have taken boat rides through the Daintree I have swum with Green turtles at Whitehaven Beach I have snorklled the great Barrier reef and almost inhaled my body weight in water at the amazing fish you have provided.

I have climb Extinct Volcanos to see the sunrise and I have climbed the highest mountain you have to offer. I have driven across the entire bottom part, the middle & east coast of your land entering the most barren parts of the country. I have  camped in 42C heat & wished I hadn’t!

I’ve been less than 10ft away from a 16ft wild crocodile & been scared witless. I’ve been bitten by a white tailed & red back spider. Yet despite my phobia relished in the moment that is what we call Nature.

The kind people at Boppy sent me the nursing pillow to try out. Now lets get this straight. I am 30+ weeks pregnant and my baby is 2.2 years old, so not the best time to trial, but we cracked on and gave it a whirl. But we did and it ended up being used in a totally different way and it pleasantly surprised it in ways I wasn’t expecting and I am looking forward to being a bit slimmer and trying it out with a newborn! Boppy has been the number 1 best selling nursing pillow in the US for 7 straight years, that’ s a pretty good track record!  You can also customise them with various slips to your own tastes with colours and patterns to your own desires. Currently there is around 1 million boppy’s in homes probably being used for various reasons.

As I said it wasn’t the best time to trial it for nursing but I can see how great it is gong to be in September when the new baby turns up. I will say it’s narrow and if you are slightly bigger than average woman  what ever that is, I’m normally a 12 on top and 12-14 lower down then you might find it a bit more than snug, not sure how this will work as a new mother with excess weight and a new baby to cope with you could find yourself not using it until you are slim enough by which point you unlike me! Will of stopped nursing.

However Jeremiah very quickly adopted the boppy for reading, he picks it up puts it around his middle and sits down and leans back and happily sits there, this is one of the extra reasons for the boppy it can aide with learning to sit up and strengthen those little backs and stops the baby toppling sideways. What I found quite interesting was Jerry just did this with no coxing he naturally wanted that secure feeling and feels very relaxed and comfy sitting there. If you’re  bored today or in fact would just like some time out of your own, then head over to Mom’s revenge and play the interactive game. //

Last week the kids and I headed up to London, we were lucky enough to be offered a family ticket to see the lastest Family show in the West End.

The Go! Go! G0! show


It  was the first time we had headed into London since we moved. So I anticipated a slightly longer journey on the train. As it happened a train pulled into the Station as I got my ticket and within 32 minutes I was at Charing cross. The kids love the train especially the ride in.

We got to Leicester Square an hour earlier than I had planned so we wandered around. I ended up buying water for myself and the kids, who had rapidly gone through their OJ’s and now Jerry was hungry and I was feeling a little lightheaded so we went and bought some Macdonalds, having never actually bought Macdonalds I stood there scanned the menu and saw nothing for kids so had to ask what was on offer.  I’m more of a Burger King person.

We went and sat in the Gardens and looked at the steady stream of people who had started to queue up for the premier of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz’s new move of which I should know the name lol.

I headed to the theatre which is just off the actual square. And collected my tickets, they said they would open the doors half an hour before the show started. OK I still had 30 mins to occupy myself we went for ANOTHER walk, but this time Jerry had, HAD enough and lay down in a huge puddle and had a MASSIVE tantrum. Me being me let him take it out on the pavement and then said “you done” I even heard someone say “do you think that’s her child” yeah lady because I am real child snatcher at 33 weeks pregnant huh. GRRR

ANYWAY then it was a mad dash to GAP to buy him some dry clothes. Back to the theatre and this is where it got a little crappy. Like I said I am 33 weeks pregnant. I had both kids with me and the P&T vibe to get into the theatre it’s two flights of stairs down to the theatre.

The kids walked down while I bumped down the stroller. Two staff stood at the bottom and neither of them actually offered to help. So be aware if you are going and going alone take lightest stroller you have. On the way out however they helped me lifted it up the stairs.

We found our seats and sat down, we were very close to the speakers which were on really loudly and the kids were waving their glowsticks £3 which I had bought and looking at their programs also £3.

Then we got told there was a 5 minute delay which turned into 20 minutes by this point. I was a little more than tetchy mainly due to getting in to early and Jerry having epic tantrum, then the “I’m hungry, I’m thirsty” chitter chatter started, this meant a trip to the bar paying a hefty £1.50 for the smallest pringles and the same for water, of course we were all very thirsty and it was warm in there, so take plenty of water and food it you go. I spent at least £15 on just buying us water the entire time and snacks.

The show began and within 10 minutes Eliza was in tears and asking to go home and Jerry was entranced. Eliza isn’t the best with things like this, you can read about our Disney experience earlier this year on my blog.

The cast interact with the children really well and the songs are really, really catchy and fab I really liked them. I was a little surprised when there was an intermission, I had been told the show was 45 minutes long. I really was quite over it , I had Jerry on my knee and Eliza clinging to me for dear life for the first half.

As the curtains closed both kids said one after another “go home now?” I said “well I think not, there is more to watch”. Eliza really looked unhappy and said she felt scared. Jerry was just exceedingly tired.

We sat and ate M&M’s and did more stickers in the programs.

The 2nd half started and I had made a point to both of them that they had to sit in their seats as I am way to fat to cope with both of them hanging off me!

Made all the difference Suddendly I was at the theatre with two different children, Eliza really, really got into it and was dancing and singing despite not knowing any of the words lol and waving her glowstick around frantically and Jerry was of course eating but bouncing up and down wildly in his seat.

It was great, the songs were really good again about sharing and having fun together, and of course the fluffalope was heavily featured.

The second half felt shorter, not sure if it was, or if it was the fact I was able to sit on my own and relax a little.

After it ended the cast come out to the Foyer and meet all the children, this was bizarrely crowded and people were pushing like crazy to get to the Cast who were lovely and polite and tired! I had to explain to Eliza about getting autographs she didn’t and really still doesn’t get what that process was all about, but she had her favourite character and wanted her name written on her book, which sadly she didn’t get but she got most of them.

I can now say three days after the show and neither of them have shut up about the show, Eliza is desperate to go and see it again, both have asked if we can get a fluffalope toy, what about a movie or a CD are there dolls?

They pretend they are in the show and act out little scenes together, it has been a huge hit and I hope they bring out a CD and a DVD of the show because it was great.

I do however think that 2 is the minimum age to take a child to something like this.  There were a few people with younger children and it looked a little tough on them walking around and trying to keep them quiet.

Over all we really enjoyed it. I didn’t plan as well as I should of in regards to timing and drink supplies but the show was fab and I hope if you go you enjoy it as much as we all did.

This is a touchy subject with me. Lets start by saying it’s my opinion and like yours it doesn’t make it right or wrong, it’s just an opinion!

When I got pregnant with Eliza I was working in a hospital part time in the sterilising department, it was heavy work and I had other back issues and was trying to start my photography business. At 11 weeks my husband said, that’s enough quit you’re going to be a mum now.

Luckily we were then and still are in a position where I can be a stay at home mum, I have the options and choices to work if I want, and I do every now and again with the photography I take on as much or as little work as I want.

I took my new found life very seriously and said I hoped I could always stay at home and look after my children. Husband agreed.

I also always said I’d never send my children to Nursery, because I want to raise my children. I want to teach them, I chose to have kids not a job and I intend to be there until they start school.

This was probably fine until I had Jeremiah. All my friends started to send their children to nursery. But still it just didn’t personally sit with me. I understood why they were doing it, but I couldn’t. She was 2 years old still a baby in my eyes, those 2 years had gone by so fast, surely the next two would as well. And they have.

And I am so proud of myself. LOL


Because at times I have truly felt like I can’t go on. And that she needed to go to Nursery pronto!

But I have never given in to that selfish feeling that is only fleeting for me. Eliza is a bright kid, and started to take an interest in numbers and letters at around 2.5 she wanted to start learning. I bought some little 3-5 year preschool books and for the past 2 years we have been using them and various other ones to help challenge her and to give her what she asks for. I don’t push her, if she didn’t want to learn to write or add 2+2 I’d never say “right we’re doing this today” I believe all children learn as much or as little as they want when they are home with their parents. Or as much as their parents can give them! I’m happy to encourage her and to be honest she could sit and do her writing books for an hour, where I tend to think at 3 years this was a little excessive and tell her to take a break for a little bit. Now at 4 she will sit easily for an hour doing her reading and writing books, sometimes I sit with her for the entire hour or she happily works away on her own asking for help if and when she needs it.

Jerry isn’t like Eliza at the same age and I don’t expect him to be, he’s a different person, he’s extremely physical and loves being active, he has very little interest in arts and crafts, and only recently in the last 6 months decided he quite liked being read to and now picks books for you to read to him, he’s not as independent as she was and I have to encourage him to play on his own. Just as I sit with Eliza I take Jerry into the garden and play football with him, and play hand eye co-ordination games with him.

When we moved to central London, I did a lot of classes with Eliza we did a dance class which was basically running around and having fun, then we did a arts and craft class, we had a music class like monkey music, we went to the Library, we went to French Class, and Ballet and Playgroups.  It sounds like a lot and it was and I was pregnant with Jerry so it got even more tiring, I had a lot of support however there. This was perfect for Eliza this was at a level of stimulation enough for her.

Once Jerry was born we went to French and she went to Ballet and we went to Playgroup that was it. Of course Jerry was little and she was older and she got bored so he didn’t get to go to playgroup, I ended up with one bored toddler and a sleeping baby, so I stopped a lot of the other classes.

Then we moved to Suburbia, and I had one 1 year old and a 3 year old and I couldn’t go to any classes with them both, they were now both missing out. I had no friends in the area, come to think of it I still don’t lol and no one except Monkey Music would take me on with both kids, so Monkey Music it was. And that’s all we have done for the past year. The rest of the time it’s been me as the entertainment.

Thankfully and if you look back through my blog, you’ll see we’ve done a lot since we moved out here, lots of trips to Europe, lots of family days out. There is a lot of other things to do out here, things that we all enjoy.

Now Eliza is starting school in September and she couldn’t be more excited she quizzed the headmaster on the computer room, asked if they had singing lessons and if she could learn violin. She asked the teachers if they taught maths and reading and writing, her first visit she came out thrilled with the fact one of the teachers had sat with her to read a book and she had read some words.

Jerry is still obviously with me, and bored. OH SO BORED. And I am 33 weeks pregnant and tired.

So with this all in mind. I started to look for a nursery, the first one I visited I was APPALLED this nursery has a “good” report from Ofsted I was thinking they must of come on a very good day.

You know when you go into a baby change room in public and you open the nappy bins to throw one away. Every room smelled like that. There were old cobwebs in the corners of the rooms, the floors were FILTHY, the toys weren’t much better and there were a lot, A LOT of kids there. I felt like J would be alone a lot of the time if he went there and there was no way in hell I’d ever send him there it was so dirty. I feel really sorry for the mums and dads out there who have no choice but to send their kids there. It was heartbreaking. So glad I do have that choice, I’d rather he hung off my trousers all day and cried and had tantrums.

So I decided the best thing for me to look into was Montessori I know I like that style of nursery and learning and I found one which had “outstanding” on it’s Ofsted report and next to it it said “above outstanding” having just been to the “good” nursery I held little hope for this place.

But I went along. It was as expected calm, the kids playing nicely, 1-1 a lot of the children, or sitting in pairs or tables of 4. The juice and snack bar is always open apparently and they can help themselves. Jerry stuck to the home corner he loves having tea parties and cleaning. He washed dinosaurs and dried them took them for a walk, put them to bed, then he headed for the maths corner and really got into shapes and what not and had a good look around at everything else.

I was happy.

Afterwards I asked him what he thought. “I liked it mummy, I liked that nursery, I like tea parties and dinosaurs” I said would he like to go again and it was a very keen “yes, now?”

So I’m putting his name down for 1-2 mornings a week see how he goes and fits in. I am easy and flexible on how long he goes for. I am easy if he doesn’t like it, but I really feel like he’s missed out on things that Eliza got to do. He isn’t as well socialised and is timid around other children. Hopefully this will help him and it will give me a little selfish break with the new baby.

I still feel like it’s selfish of me, I still feel that being a full time stay at home mum, I should be exactly that. And I feel like I have let Jerry down by putting him into Nursery. I wonder when he is grown up he’ll look back say “you did so much for Eliza why not me?”

I do however fully intend to get him into Tumble Tots and Little Kickers, although he ,despite liking football, has said he doesn’t want to go to football class!  So we might just try it and see if he really doesn’t want to go!

So am I alone in this guilt of sending to nursery?

So I have been so excited about announcing who has won what in my blogs birthday giveaway!

It was hard to decide to who to give what. And I hate that I have to pick people, and not be able to give you all something!



KAILEXNESS Because I really liked her comment of bringing her children to London for the first time and hopefully getting to go on the London Eye with her husband, the fact that it’s all about her family really touched me.


VICKY Again I loved her answer about having her own pudding and the fact that money is being lost from her chocolate funds, this is always bad news and one needs all the help they can get when it comes to chocolate!


HELEN Because I like encouraging kids to be active and I know how much fun it can be to get them out into the garden, and I know the ELC have some great outdoor toys!

Congratulations guys and please email me at Suburbanmummyuk@gmail.com and we shall organise your prizes!

And to those who didn’t win I am sorry!

Suburban Mummy UK is 2 today!

It all started back here where I still wasn’t sure what to call Jeremiah it would appear as I called him JJ and Jeremiah, Jerry doesn’t appear until much later.

I also said I’d start exercising. errmmmm 😀

So in honour of my Blog turning two I am doing a fandiddlytastic giveaway!

First Prize is a family ticket to see the new show Go!Go!Go!


This is a new fun family extravaganza show in the wonderful West End in London, it features lots of new songs, five new singing stars and a sock stealing fluffalope! The show is aimed at children aged from 20 months up to about 7 years old.

The *winning ticket is for 4 people must include one adult! Check the link out above to discover more about the Go!Go!Go! show. The show is running from July 21st until August 30th show times are available on the website.

*Please be aware that you have to pay for transport yourself and that this is only a family ticket for 4 people to the show 2 adults and 2 children or 1 Adult 3 children.

Second Prize

Is being donated very kindly by Cobwebknits Su Cowell is the Creative director based in Dorest UK she makes and designs all the products.

The winner will receive a hat and babygrow of their choice

Please do check out the range of products as it’s quite large and all rather adorable and there is also a very cool activity, “some hats have gone AWOL” I totally checked out Betty who’s been in Australia LOL

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Third Prize

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Leave a comment here on my blog and tell me what prize you want to win and why.

Be creative in your comments and give me reason to pick you!

Winners will be announced on Thursday July 22nd so be quick!